How has meditation changed the way that you act with family or friends?

Janet T.
There are lots of ways of putting it but, basically, I’m learning to find the gap between thought and action so I can react the way I choose (versus acting in an ingrained, unconscious and unexamined way).

The other is meditation has helped me develop a more grateful attitude. Of course, that shows up in lots of ways but even simply thanking my friends for just being who they are (vs what they do for, or give to, me)

Edouard B.
My father says that I'm the one who is the healthest (mental health) in our family and he rarely says good things about anyone. I used to be the one with the worst mental health in family. I think this metaphor is best way to explain my family. They are waves (sometimes tyhoon waves) and I'm still water.

Ava U.
Meditation changes my way of thinking. I feel calm and friendly all the time and my aggressive mood now change into calm and composed. I feel relaxed.

Zoey T.
Meditation makes me more aware of everything in life. Every sight, every sound, every breath, every conversation. You become more mindful of your relationships and how you treat others through the practice.

Kristina E.
I am learning to let the universe take me where I am to go; therefore, I am more eager to be free and not stressed with people.

Melanie Y.
Meditation helps me to assume a mindset that I can return to when I’m under stress- at least that is what I’m trying to achieve so that I react more lovingly when I feel agitated.

Kaylee O.
Remaining mindful and everything I say do or imply thinking before I speak and watching the tone of my voice everything can be reciprocated it’s all about how you present what you have to say or what you’re going to interact with your family

Ethan F.
Yes it has. I'm more patient with them, I don't blow up as often and wait to see what their reply would be before making my own rebuttal, as opposed to assuming what they are going to say

Ron Z.
Meditation has opened my mind up to listen more and think before i speak or act on certain issues . I also feel peoples energies better and can tell their intentions