How has meditation helped you professionally?

D Riclo E.
You can't make a separation really. It affects you holistically. Personally, meditation helps me manage my stress, my unwanted emotions and thoughts, and the general chaos in my head.

Isaac T.
Hi. Thanks for your question. I've never used much meditation. I tend to go into myself and switch off until I have found an answer to my problem.
Meditation is a private and personal thing I think.
Good luck.

Nikolaj W.
Meditation has been a life saver for me…. in every aspect of my life. It calms me, helps me see the bigger picture, helps me love and take care of myself so that I can continue with the challenges of life and proffesional issues.

Enola E.
What a coincidence, I had just thought about that yesterday. It has helped me think more creatively, and question the status quo by giving me more ideas and clarity for asking more probing questions. I also just read this great related article you can google called “The Busier You are, the More Ypu Need Quiet Time.” It says silence facilitates clear and creative thinking and “increases your chances of encountering novel ideas and information…” Meditation is key to this because it’s not just audible noise. Quieting the inner chatter, which meditation helps with. When I first started meditating I extended love to every thought that popped up. If it was a grudge I felt compassion for myself suffering under a grudge. If it was a negative thought about my self-worth, I am pure, whole, blameless, kind, loving, harmonious and happy at my core and I want my perception and experience to match. Good luck, it’s worth it! Or can start with a gratitude exercise. Blank out and focus on how grateful you feel for something simple (cup of coffee for me!). You’re just trying to connect deeper with that place of bliss and joy inside you. From that place new and unexpected things are revealed.

Petros F.
I find that when I meditate consistently I perform a whole lot better. I am more focused and more productive through out each day. I usually meditate upon rising although I sometimes do the evening. I become more relaxed and ready for the challenges of the day.

Nicole Y.
Yes! I put on a meditation during my morning commute and it helps me calm my anxiety and go into work with a clear head. Most of my meditation practice is guided deep breathing and mindfulness practices.

Katrine E.
It help me calm down and also realise what I acttualy think and feel , it help me feel more confident , because it make me see and apreciate my self and it help me change Something in my life and repay the mistakes!❤️

Suzanne N.
Meditation has helped me stay cool in stressful situations at work. When I start to feel stressed I resort back to my breathing exercises that I’ve learned through meditation. It always helps.

Jenny U.
It has given me greater clarity about my ability to choose my actions. It has led to clearer focus on my stated goals. I feel empowered to take clear-minded steps each day towards my annual goals and towards my monthly and daily goals. It has given me the presence of mind to reflect on these goals and to reflect on why they give me joy. I feel better able to observe others’ inappropriate actions from afar and have compassion, and I feel more aware of the people who add joy to my life. I feel more aware that I could BE more aware around Nash. Sometimes days can feel rote or duty-oriented, rather than led by joy and play, and then I can have guilt about that. Meditation helps me just ‘be’ and to forgive myself and to feel loving kindness towards Nash and towards Matt.

Claude E.
My job is very stressful and we went through a really bad time recently. We were drowning with know help in site. After establishing a morning routine and then evening routine, I incorporated meditation in that. It has helped to calm me and focus on the positive and what I can do to make things better. It redirects my negativity and focus.

Karlfried O.
I work with several people, helping them to improve their lifestyle (I am a personal trainer). I believe that I have to be strong, but not only my body, my mind as well. So, When I meditate, I can feel my mind become stronger.

Frank N.
It has given me my most cherished insight to this day: understand how different you feel each morning, and act accordingly.
No more fear, anger or confusion

Trajano P.
Meditation has given me the practical skills to remain calm and professional in stressful or emotional situations, and the focus required for deep and sustained work.

Frida W.
I work in a retail store with various customers. Most are really nice, but I have been yelled at and flat out insulted to my face on occasions. Usually it's not my fault at all. In retail, you cannot let the irritation and anger you feel bleed into your customer service. So I use meditation, deep breathing and thinking calming thoughts after exceptionally difficult customers, and I keep smiling.

Thiago Q.
Meditation has helped me gain multiple things. It helped me become more calm, practical and compassionate. It has helped me focus my mind energies on what is useful and what helps the greater good. It has helped me gain focus on work I do because every time I meditate, I imbibe an instruction to my sub concious, which then executes it during my day.

Meditation is as essential to the mind as water is for body. The body may starve without food for few days, but without water, in a hot dessert, it cannot sustain. Meditation is just like the oasis, its a saviour of the self.

Brandie C.
It’s done a great deal for increasing my focus, decreasing my anxiety, and helping me pause before I react to any stressful situation. It makes work more sane and it makes me more effective at it.

Aaron O.
Meditation impacts your thinking skills…making you calmer, have more perspective, see things as they are ( rather than what you want them to be), reduces cognitive biases and all of this improves your decision making

Tracey Y.
Meditation helps me in the professional world by giving me an escape to anxiety, when I feel like I’m overwhelmed. I struggle with anxiety, and working and going to school can be exhausting and stressful. I use meditation during my breaks to calm me down, and help me go over what I have to do, and what can wait for a later time, so I’m less stressed.

Zil N.
Meditation and mindfulness has helped me be more present in conversations with clients and to take a step back if needed