What do you feel when you meditate? Does your mind wander a lot?

Amir X.
Yes…it wanders a lot . It's very hard to keep my mind quiet . But I know is a process that requires time and practice.
Liseudis E.
The mind is always going to wander, what we have to do is let it and let our thoughts pass by. What helps me to avoid to stay in one thought is to count backwards. I count the seconds that will take me to achieve the meditation for that day, if it is a 12 minute meditation, for example, it would mean 720 seconds, so I count from 720 to 1 and I focus on the numbers, on how they look, in my mind. This helps me focus.
Gu Bj Rg X.
It used to, when I was younger, but since then I've learned several different methods and techniques for meditation. Such as: chanting a mantra, counting my breaths from 1 to 10 and focusing on the sounds around me. Granted, there are days when I can't find peace in my mind to meditate. Those days I find guided meditations helpful.
Pamela T.
hello!! for me, i personally have to do guided meditations or else my mind will wander uncontrollably due to my ADHD. i need something to keep my attention on the practice, and having a voice guide me through the practice works well!! when i use a guided meditation, my mind does still wander a bit, but iā€™m able to reel it back in bc the voice reminds me and helps me focus šŸ™‚