Any recommendations for good guided meditation ?

Sandii F.
The meditations in this app are really good for me. But Headspace has a few free meditations too. And you can always look to YouTube!
Ngeles N.
Relájate, siéntete como si estuvieras en las nubes ☁️ Olvídate de todos tus problemas y concéntrate en el presente, en lo que te gusta hacer, y en lo que podrías llegar a ser.
Unknown X.
Yeah..I think it's better to do meditation in the morning time than other and also meditation guide is really important for beginners like me if they don't know how to meditate then we should give them a model guide so they can catch a good method that suits them
Eve T.
Not too loud music, or else you can get shocked very easily while you are relaxing. But further keep going on what you are doing.
John N.
Of you want tog explore meditation I would suggest the headspace app. It got free content. There is also a webpage called peacebeyond

For a newcomer I would start with headspace and for deepdiving the latter. Hope it helps 🙏💜

Sam Y.
The voice is very important to me, a darker voice is best and you must hear that the person believes and know what they are taking about.
I want to feel like a little child who's listen to a bedtime story with all her imagination.