What apps do you use for meditating?

Loulou N.
I use some guided meditations on Spotify. They will guide me to the space I need to come back to myself again. It’s about taking that time for myself when I am mostly trying to avoid connecting to myself. It’s not about the outcome of it, nevertheless I prefer it to be fully relaxt, but it’s about taking the time.
Dinara F.
I like to use these apps for meditating :
YouTube – you can find a variety of videos about meditation here
Innerhour – it has tons of meditative and breathing exercises to choose from, you can also track goals here
Fabulous – it has great narration and music to calm your mind
Roberto Q.
At the moment, I start using "Balance: meditation & sleep by Elevate Labs" it was a one year free subscription. They have individual plans, and courses. 3rd day now, but really enjoying. Super easy to get started.
Mariusz O.
Wow, I’m honored to be getting asked questions by other users, this is cool. I don’t actually use any apps to meditate, I just sit and take deep breaths with a timer set. If you want an app then you can use headspace. I’d recommend you just do it yourself though… and not to think too much about things like “what should I think about while meditating” or “how do I not think while meditating”, just do it EVERYDAY and you’ll get better and experience great benefits, hope that answers your question dawg. Good luck
Morgan U.
Actually, I use a book on mindfulness. It’s been really helpful to me. It’s called Mindfulness: How to pay attention to the present by Wendy Hobson
Ruben T.
I usually use YouTube just because it has so many variety’s of meditations but this app also includes several meditations aswell. Good luck ❤️
Warren Y.
I use: me mental health. Its a really nice app. It creates a plan for you on what kind of meditations to do, but if you dont want that you can use whatever meditations you wanna do. Also there are verry calming sounds that you can listen to. The "bad" side is that you have to pay for it. But is only a one time purche of I believe 30 euro's, so its not that bad. You could always get a 7day free trial before you make the purchase🙃
Ella G.
I usually don't use meditating apps but since I have downloaded fabulous and have been introduced to meditation I find it relaxing and soothing.
Reta N.
I love apps. However I haven’t found one yet they I truly love. I get on YouTube and create different playlists. Oh but wait. YouTube has an app. Lol So there you go, it’s simple but effective for me.
Anthony Z.
Honestly I don’t have any apps that I listen to, to help me meditate. I sit up and practice controlled breathing techniques and listen to Denzel Washingtons motivational speech’s. For 10-15min.
Laurel T.
I use this app for meditating I also use the app I am for affirmations I get notifications throughout the day with them. I like to sit with what I read or repeat it a couple times.
Sean U.
I use available YouTube ambient streams like brown noise or any of the “Chakra Meditation Healing Frequencies” in MEDITATIVE MIND.
Isabelle N.
I am using stoic. and Fabulous to meditate :)) but I also like using youtube videos, there is a big selection of good guided meditations aswell.
Daniel U.
Headspace and Medito. After my Headspace subscription expires, I’ll switch over completely to Medito. I like apps that sync with my mindfulness minutes. I don’t think Medito does, but it’s free when compared to all the other options out there. Also, Hamza swears by it.
Suzanne R.
I use meditation music on YouTube to meditate. I use the sounds of nature but also sound bowls and other vibrational tools.
Jyothsna C.
Well…. There's this app called 'Innerhour'. It's a really useful app. It helps me concentrate and focus on myself. I recommend it…. 🙂