How long do you meditate each day?

Emma B.
I meditate 3 times a day. It could be 5 mins each sesssion, or 30 minutes each. Depends on my schedule but i always do it
Nanna Z.
I meditate at LEAST 5 minutes a day. Longer if I am able to. 5 minutes gives me enough time to at least make it a routine/habit.
Felicia W.
I go to yoga everyday and we sit to meditate 30 to 45 min. I also like to meditate before I go to bed. Up to 1 hour and some days 15 min.
Elmer Z.
I meditate 12-20 minutes each day. Sometimes I meditate before I set out to work. Sometimes at the office before doing anything. Or, sometimes I meditate while heading for work.
Abbas E.
I aim for ten or fifteen minutes a day, total. Sometimes that's all at once in the morning, sometimes it's in five minute chunks at different points in the day. Depends on what I need and what my schedule is doing!
Lo C E.
It depends on how much time I have. If I'm short on time, I'll just squeeze in 5 minutes. If I have a lot of free time, I'll go for half an hour or more. I'd say I average about 15 minutes per session though.
Marcella R.
For now only 5 minutes. I want to add a couple of minutes each week, so when the time is there I'll meditate for about 20 minutes each day.
Adalgisa Q.
I prefer to mediate in break session and whenever I wish to feel calm and relax. I try to do mindful meditation whenever possible in waking hours.
Silke F.
It varies. Anywhere between 5-30 minutes. Sometimes, if I’m really busy, I’ll do 5 minute sessions throughout the day. But if I have time and won’t be interrupted, I like to meditate for 20-30 minutes at a time.
Charlie O.
I think should wish do it every day. I media rate for 10 min of which 5 min id good one I am trying to improve it. Now I'll try to do it everyday since it helps me focus at work .
Elliot Y.
I’m completely not an expert and I meditate for around two years (with some periods, shorter or longer, where I’ve abandoned that habit). Generally speaking the perfect amount for me is not a one long session, but I’d rather have two or three shorter ones which add up to 30-45 minutes. When I’m really busy I go for one in the evening, when I’m preparing for sleeping, around 10 minutes. As someone who suffers from insomnia and anxiety sometimes the night session can be as long as an hour or until I feel better.
I think that each and every of us needs and seeks something different, so the best option is to try out different lengths of sessions, different times of the day when you meditate and times a day you meditate.
Byron W.
40 minutes. 15 in morning, 10 after lunch and 15 before going to bed. I start with muscle relaxation and then do pranayama breathing techniques. In morning and before bed I do 15 minutes of yoga.
Mikkel P.
It is a relatively new habit to do guided meditation, so I'd say about 5 minutes. It can be quite hard to switch my brain off after a long day and I usually do it by reading. I used to do my own form of focusing on my surroundings and it sends me off to sleep.
Sedat T.
15 minutes. I've found it is the best amount of time for me to clear my mind and get ready for bed.
(I only meditate at night.)
Sofia P.
I meditate between seven and ten minutes every morning. I don't force myself to do it for a specific period of time; I just do what feels comfortable.
My next step is to start meditating in the evenings.
Gerry T.
I usually meditate 10 minutes each day, the daily calm in the 'calm' meditation app. If I am really tired, I do a 3 or 5 minute meditation. This way I keep the habit consistent
Cassandra S.
I go by the meditation that I am doing for that day and the goal of the meditation session as well as my present needs. At times I will go for a longer session if I am feeling especially tense or strained and a shorter session if I am already feeling particularly mindful although I may even extend those sessions to sit with the peaceful feelings. The process is of more benefit than the outcome. Stay Fabulous 😍.
Olvani Q.
I meditate for 10 minutes. I'm still struggling to concentrate for the whole time but I know I'm improving and when I feel myself I can extend the 10 minutes I will.