How to get to bed before 10 pm?

Candis P.
Exercise during the day. Meditation and yoga around 7, hot bath and read a book. Close your eyes and listen to guided meditation by 9pm. Asleep by 10…
Mikael B.
Start your bed time ritual by 9 pm so you are prepared to sleep by 10 pm
This is assuming your bed time ritual slows you down
Terri J.
I don't always go to be before 10pm, at weekends I tend to stay up later, however since using this app I've found myself naturally going up co.pleteimg my lists and the n settling down for night time meditation. I've been getting to sleep much better too.
Aubrey O.
I usually cant get to bed before 10pm but that's the time I we go get in bed. Usually, by 10, my husband and I start to doze on the couch. Before 10 is harder since we get home at a later time.
Jim S.
By getting *to bed. Not necessarily sleeping, just lying there. I find that it helps me have time to think without any other interruptions so that when I do want to fall asleep, I’ve had time to think about what I had on my mind from the start of the day. It’s a way of saying, “I’ve had time to think, now it’s time to rest.”