Do you always use the meditation sessions on the app or something else?

Guitsa U.
I use them a lot actually because of the the talks they have each one is for a different intention, but I also practice yoga and use another guided meditation app
Emmie C.
No, on YouTube I use Boho Beautiful for her guided meditations. They're around 11 to 13 minutes each. She has Day 1, Day 2 and so forth with different mantras. The places she does the meditations at are so breathtaking and peaceful. She also has yoga and pilates videos as well amongst other things.
Megan W.
I use the Insight Meditation Timer app. It’s free and they have loads of guided meditations, plus a timer with bells so you can meditate on your own!
June U.
I actually haven’t used this app’s meditation before. I use an app called Insight Timer. But if you’re new to meditation, it’s best to try a bunch of different apps and styles to find what works best for you!
Alexandra Z.
I've tried the meditations through the app twice and didn't like them. I'm new to meditation but found the talking distracting and kind of irritating. Tonight I found a YouTube recording of rain and set myself a timer and just focused on my breathing. Not sure if that's exactly what's meant by meditation, but I feel more relaxed.
Mark E.
I’m a deeply spiritual person and meditation is something I have a lot of experience with. I use Higher Balance Institute meditations. I’m actually about to start teaching them. If you want to learn a much more spiritual meditation follow me on Instagram @jacobs.ladder
Rebecca Z.
Sometimes i do use this app, but because i don't have premium i can't do a lot of different meditations. So more often i use the app 'simple habit'. Really enjoy that one!
Thomas Y.
I like a quiet meditation so the bells recording on fab is good for that. But I also have another app call interval timer that works great