How do you think that meditation has changed your life?

Tobias C.
It helped me be present in the moment. To stop for a minute. Life flies by too fast. It’s nice to learn to just stop and smell the roses once in a while.
Ant Nia Q.
By creating a time slot for meditation, my thoughts have a space created for them on a regular basis. During that time, my thoughts get reorganized, I see how I'm doing, if something happened to me then I get the chance to work through it and understand my feelings. During this time I can make peace with the past, accept the presence and imagine what I want my future to look like. Meditating regularly, even for a short time has changed everything for me.
Antonio J.
I feel meditation can change my life and it focuses my mind to singular thoughts to my organs and how they work and how I can find control in my life
Karl Y.
I’m not entirely sure. I think I am slowly learning to take the time to relax, to stop the busyness and crowding that is such a part of modern life. I hope meditation is helping me to focus. To learn to turn off when and as neeeded, to calm myself. It’s still very much a work in progrsss!
Olivia A.
I don't know if meditation changed my life yet. I never succeeded in staying with it for more than a couple of weeks. I suppose it makes me think about taking a breath and focusing on that, insted of, eg having a meltdown on a busy day. And I suppose that's actually a lot.
Roque E.
I can’t say it’s changed my life, but it has made me a more mindful person. It has made me a bit more patient with others too.
Vasco E.
It has allowed me to be more present in all areas of my life, and is a tool to help alleviate stress. It also teaches me a lot about myself and what is on my mind. It is part of how I care for myself, a little oasis from the chaos life can sometimes be.
Jason U.
It has help me and knowledge the fact that my mind goes wild and loses its self and thought it has also help me to recognize my ability to focus and to have inside of the activity ideas and work things of my mind
Anna S.
Meditation has helped me to refocus my mind and calm it down during times of overactivity. Especially during the night when I cannot sleep.