What do you guys like about meditation? How do you feel after meditation?

Chester O.
Meditation is like a deep dive into tranquility
After meditation I feel charged, content and deeply connected with a wholeness I rarely experience in the frenzied ordinary life
Danilo E.
I like the way meditation makes me reflect on my day, my emotions. It keeps me focused in the present. Rather than centred in the past or distant future. It slows time down for me. Allows me to breathe, unwind and recognise the progress i am making in my day.
Maria N.
Meditation is a routine or a habit or a way of living and I don’t like to analyse how I feel after this. What’s important is to be self aware in life and meditation helps me achieve that.
Focus and attention improves and that can change a lot in life.
Nicklas C.
Meditation makes my thoughts very clear and help me in decision making. I feel I’m fully aware and conscious about the presence.
Enver E.
When meditating it was hard at first to focus on my breathing and clear my thoughts. It Got easier as I did it more. I like it because it helps me think better when I'm done. Also I feel a little refreshed after. Eventually I want to try longer than 10 or 15 minutes. I am working on trying to stay consistent.
Oliver A.
Its MY time. To sit and not gave to think or worry about anything. I do it for 10 minutes first thing in the morning and have noticed a marked difference in my stress levels and patience. It takes practice and I've still got a long way to go; but with the benefits I am receiving already it's worthwhile 😊🌈
Clyde B.
I have started meditation few months ago. I mostly meditate when i want to focus on a very important task, or i want to relax my anxiety. After a meditation session i usually feel very centered, and i also get a feeling of serenity especially after longer meditation sessions.
Daniele O.
Meditation helps me to put things into order in my mind. Creates peace within self, allows me to reassess things and get things right with others if I have to. After meditation I feel more relaxed, prepared for my next day able to sustain a 12 hour shift. I also feel that I am able to have answers to things I didn’t before and rest better at night.
Fabian E.
I, personally, like meditation simply for the fact of being able to concentrate on my breathing instead of having numerous, repetitive thoughts that my mind loves to obsess over no matter how miniscule the thought is or how important the thought is. I, unfortunately, pay attention to every tiny detail and feel the need to deconstruct every passing thought. Meditation allows for me to actually have a at least a few seconds to enjoy my “peace of mind”. After a nice session I finally feel a balance to my life and mind (because, honestly, sometimes it gets out of control) it may be short lived for now, however, eventually I will be able to expand my mindfulness…
Edgar U.
It's a way to calm your mind down. Focus on your infinite intelligence also none as your subconscious. Very few people can completely silence their mind. I focus on trying to slow my mind down and focus one deep thought my mind us trying to covey through the noice
Lonnie U.
After meditation I feel calm and focused. I’ve noticed that on the days that I don’t meditate, my mind is not as clear and my stress levels are higher – even if it’s only for 7-8mins or even if it’s a session where I find it hard to keep my mind clear, it makes a huge difference to my equilibrium throughout my day.
Ma L A.
I feel calmer. Like I don't have to rush to get things done. Even when my house is a mess, I don't feel like I have to clean everything immediately to be ok with myself. I don't feel as guilty about the things I did or didn't do the day before that weren't exactly right.