Do you ever use walking meditation instead of seated one?

Mikkel C.
I often like to do a mindful walk, without any distractions where I try to be present, focus on the present and my breaths. But I would not use this to replace my daily seated meditation, since that is when I can work much more on letting go of my thoughts and practice focus, stillness and compassion

Kelley Q.
I tend to listen to meditations right before I sleep, so I’m typically lying in bed. I also do a short podcast one in my car between dropping my daughter off at daycare and getting to work.

Elijah O.
Yes, it's easier for me to avoid getting distracted by external stimuli during a walking meditation as I will be actively paying attention to my environment. Alternatively, you can listen to a meditation audio recording while walking.

Yashna Z.
Yes i do. Actually I do even when lying down in bed.

It's because during neuron you only have to find comfortable to get lost in yourself. Once you do that, the environment is subjective…

Ellie W.
Rarely on purpose but I find walking in nature becomes quite meditative. Good for clearing the mind, which meditation helps with too.