What time do you prefer meditating?

Danny O.
I prefer meditating in the morning because it helps me feel fresh and in good balance for the rest of the day. It also helps me calm my anxiety about the future events of that day.

Dylan Z.
Usually it is Mindfulness meditation during an early morning walk. Often at night just before sleep.
Sometimes during the day with stress or frustration, a quick Mindfulness-breathing focus for a minute or 2.
I think it depends on your bioclock, time commitments & preferences – maybe it is more effective to stay loose & not be too rigid about times.

Julie C.
After my morning routine, after my skincare, getting my bag ready for the day, right before I'm out the house. It sets a good intention for me to start my day, but it's not early enough that I have to worry about not getting my things done in time for me to go out the door.

Anton U.
I like to meditate multiple times a day! Definitely first thing in the morning and then I the afternoon and right before bed! I also meditate before I have to do something that makes me nervous or uneasy to help me work through those feelings.

Fernando Z.
I prefer meditating in the morning, before starting all activities. It helps nurture mindfulness that is very important for making decisions.

Mario E.
When i drank water, second thing generally be checking my phone but i will change it and won't look phone before meditating. I prefer right after drinking water.

Daniel P.
I meditate just before I go to sleep, and just before I meditate I do 15 minutes of stretching. Hope you’re journey is going well. And I just want you to know that you are fabulous! 💜

Amelia F.
Hello, thanks. I meditate three times a day and what I find strange is that my favorite time is the midday. I can concentrate much more easily then. The second best time is late at night. And the early morning is a bit challenging. I like getting up from bed, drinking water and sitting down for meditation very much, but my mind quickly becomes restless because of the feeling of the full day ahead, and although I do remain loyal to the regimen of meditation, I see that I always exert more strength to conduct a good bout of meditation in the early morning. Thanks and bye.

Daryl P.
I prefer meditating in the morning. Later in the day, I am too distracted with thoughts and I've realized I can concentrate better in the morning.

Jonas E.
I prefer in the morning, before too much has fought for my attention, though this app is helping carve out a brief time and space right before bed as well. Morning is such an excellent time to be still and quiet, though. It’s really lovely if you can even still yourself for five or ten minutes.

Valdemar W.
I feel that early morning is very good time for meditation… Coz the world is silent and u don't get disturbed….. U can just get lost in ur thoughts….
It is different thing that i personally don't meditate in morning coz i have my classes hence i do it when ever i am free.. But its best to do in morning…
I hope this answer helps

Paula J.
I prefer to meditate in the morning because it starts the day off on a positive note and I feel more focused and ready to do what I need to do. Hope this helps! 🙂

Oscar W.
Mornings are better for me. I usually try to meditate at around 6.30 when no one has woke up. The make me fabulous activities are very well created. Its a good guide to start it.