Do you prefer guided or unguided meditation?

Reis Almeida
Usually guided. My mind wanders a lot and it likes to follow along so I feel I get better results when I use guided meditation.

Benjamin Poulsen
Guided; helps me keep my focus on my breath and my mind is less likely to wander

Patricia Carter
Guided but I often go off script, typically making use of prompts from previous guided sessions

Roy Mills
I prefer guided and semi guided meditation, but I also do 7 minutes of unguided meditation with prana breathing everyday.

Russell Wood
Guided, since I'm a beginner I'm finding it easier to stay focused that way.

Clifton Richardson
Guided versus unguided meditation? Well for me, I need both. I like to use the guided ones that create beautiful mental pictures, they help me look for beauty in my every day life. I like to use the ones that tell you that you need to be sitting down to use this meditation while taking a walk on a safe path to build muscle memory of calm when out in the world. And, I love spontaneous meditation of memories and how my experiences have shaped my life. Remembering without creating a critical assessment. Looking at how I use others to create non-acceptance of myself… nonjudgementaly… not good or bad… just is. …Meditate how I focus outward and accept myself and my world … how others respond to being accepted by me…it simply is…not good or bad.

Guillaume Denis
Unguided, for me it's about training my mind and opening a space for truth

Nathaniel Simpson
Most definitely guided this way if I steer away a little they keep reminding me that what is my focus and go back to center unguided I only used when I want to do some self reflect this gives me permission to explore everything about me without judgement from myself

Sylvana Weigand
Both, ha ha. Guided is very helpful to reify the atructure and ind instruction. Ultimately unguided is deeper and more satisfying.

Noah Møller
I prefer guided as I need some external prompts to stay on task, I vary the practice to keep the ideas fresh and find insight timer (app) essential for supporting a sticky meditation habit after literally years of believing I don’t have the mental strength for it.

Célia Melo
I prefer a guided one. I just started my journey with meditation. It’s easier for me to keep the thoughts in one place and concentrate once someone is guiding me. However I believe that might change with time.

Noah Stevens
I prefer guided meditations. They help me to stay in the present moment using a variety of techniques. Occasionally, I'll do an unguided meditation simply for the peace it brings.

Lynn Terry
Depends on the day, and who is doing the guiding. Some voices are just more meditative for me than others.. but sometimes I just want to be uninterrupted and to listen to something soothing I enjoy.

Beatrice Steward
Both … depending on the situation. At times I can be with a more open form. But at other times that I feel overwhelm I find the guided sessions more effective