Meditation is a bit like a 10 min nap for me. Super helpful to clean up my head, but it’s not targeted. Anyone with tips on how to meditate on specific areas, such as for focus or reduced worry?

Coline Laurent
My experience for meditation was enriched when i do it while closing my eyes and making myself not to think in anything….like really nothing, so after meditating I have the feel of clear mi d light head I would say😁 it is amazing

Ella Pearson
There are a number of guided meditations available both in the app and elsewhere. Try a few, and if you find one that doesn't quite meet your needs, feel free to adjust around what it's saying.

Ross Robinson
I find guided meditations targeting areas I am looking to work on. It’s a bit of trial and error to see what guidance speaks to you, but once I find a vibe or technique, it’s very helpful and targeted.

Same Rice
You might want to try a longer meditation and see if that gives you more focus or reduces anxiety. Also, there’s a very good meditation that you can find by Tara Brach on YouTube called the RAIN meditation. It’s not actually about rain, but is an acronym for a method to draw closer to what’s bothering you and sit with it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s extremely powerful—in my experience, and for people I’ve recommended it to.

Thea Petersen
I always go back to focusing on my breathe. It is natural for your mind to wander, but as you catch it wandering, return back to your breathe without judgement or self criticism. If you find yourself falling asleep, try a different position that is still comforting, but not so much so that you drift asleep.

Your mind can overcome the desire for comfort quickly, but it must be encouraged to do so.

Consistency can create stronger focus outside of meditation and has been proven to reduce stress, fear, anxiety, as well as improve your ability in mindfully responding to situations you may otherwise just react to.

Debra Sullivan
I use the headspace app or calm app to focus my meditation and learn techniques, or I participate in group guided meditation. This helps me with a focus on nothing.

Tilde Christiansen
I use an app called headspace alongside fabulous. It has various courses for things like anxiety, motivation, focus as well as single meditations and ones for 'emergencies'

Martin Harrison
I think you're missing the point of meditation, we're not supposed to be doing anything when we're sitting down and cultivating mindfulness. The point is to focus on something, usually your breath, although if you wanted to focus on a candle light, or a peaceful piece of music you could use that. I usually like to use music in the background anyway. also a little incense, can go a long way for setting a sacred and intentional space for cultivating mindfulness. Take your seat, have an upright spine supporting yourself subtle yet firm, relaxed, but not letting it all out. Start to focus on your objective meditation, again I would suggest your breath. Focus on how it feels to breathe in, how it feels to breathe out. keep doing this, you may want to count the in breath or the out breaths. at some point you'll notice that your mind wanders off into discursive thought, this is not a bad thing, your mind will think thoughts until the day you die. What you must do is simply remember you're focusing on the sensations of breathing, and return yourself to the brat. You can even say to yourself, very gently and with compassion, meaning don't berate yourself. Just tell yourself thinking, and return to the breath.

Justin Campbell
I have found that using guided meditations is extremely helpful in targeting my focus on specific areas. The insight timer app is very helpful in this area. The app contains many guided meditations that I have used and enjoyed.

Justin Craig
Meditation is a bit like a 10 min nap for me. Super helpful to clean up my head, but it’s not targeted. Anyone with tips on how to meditate on specific areas, such as for focus or reduced worry?

Gerry Harris
If you aren’t already using an app with a guided meditation session then get started on that. The guidance was an absolute game changer for me. Another big one for me is my posture. If I’m too relaxed or laying down, there’s no hope. I’m asleep in no time. The right posture keeps me awake and energized and focused.

Ralph Barrett
I like to tackle one thing at a time. I like to do guided meditation and write down my focus for the day. So for example, if you want to improve focus just meditate using just meditation bells and focus on your breath. Start low and then gradually add more time. Hope this helps!

Christel Fleischhauer
Some options for you- read ruby wax’s mindfulness for the frazzled, it has done very good mindfulness activities in there. There is a three minute one where for one minute you let your thoughts go crazy, let them rant and let go of control. In minute 2 you listen to the sounds all around you, not trying to figure out what they are but just to listen and let them wash over you. Minute 3 is breathing, imagine as you breathe in that it is filling your whole body and completely emptying out.
There are options in this app for guided meditation, there a 5 minute one called view from above
Or I also have an app called breathe kids, a free app to teach children to meditate, I love the simplicity of it and the lengths are not overwhelming.
Another one I use is meditainment, a free website which unlocks a new meditation each month, you can access any time if you have internet. Good luck buddy!