There are many types of meditation, some entirely secular mindfullness, others more spiritual, in degrees of formality. So please include in your answer an indication of what type. Do you begin each (or sometimes) meditation session with a statement of intent for an eventual outcome or concern or question to get answer for; more so than basic calmess or de-stress?

Gina C.
Mi intención al meditar en general es encontrarme conmigo misma. Sin embargo, depende de cómo esté, el cómo me sienta y la necesidad de ese momento.
Tavie N.
I usually do not begin with either or, however now that the question is posed I think I will incorporate an intention or statement before beginning my mediation practice. Now I do usually take 10 deep breaths before actually going into deep meditation to de-stress. But the question sparked a great idea, I think it’ll be beneficial to state an intention or an affirmation before meditating.
Marian P.
Great question. I sometimes declare an intention For another person when I do yoga. But I often forget to do so. When I declare an intent For another, it helps me push myself further. It helps me also feel more connected to the person I declared the intention for.
Kushal O.
I prefer to have basic calmness meditation in the morning, the reason behind choosing this type
Meditation is overflowing thoughts. Which give so much stress and make tired my mind. I self observe and I want to take break from the thoughts. Dont want to think about the situation which is not in my hand.
Edwin O.
Most often I start a meditation session to calm my mind and to think more clearly again. To do so, I try to go in it with an open mind rather than give myself even more to think about.
Tyrone R.
Not personally, I like to start meditation cold turkey and see where it goes. For me personally, I know my mind wanders. I like to see how long it takes to get back to the breath and solace. I only consider a meditation successful if I can catch my mind and bring it back.
Stefano F.
I begin meditation with no intents, it is a state of being that you acquire just allowing yourself some time to meditate. It does not matter what kind of meditation you do, as long as it makes you better at the end of it. I would suggest to start with some basics, breathe awareness, body scan etc. It prepares for something more "sophisticated". Have a nice day