Has your meditation practice changed you in any noticeable way?

Claudia Z.
It honestly has— didn’t expect much. Now I feel weird when I don’t meditate. It’s helped my productivity and focus during work
Jonathan W.
Yes it has. I used to get frivolous in stressful situations, especially social situations. But doing meditation helps me to bring back my focus and energy to the present moment.
Also when I meditate at night I fall asleep so easily it’s crazy 🙂 I live it
Denise P.
i fortunately it took me some time but thats normal. some people will have a sort of awakening but be patient and it'll be very noticeable. its helped me with arguments for example… i know how to control my breathing and calm down a bit. . I learned that through practice practice practice mediating . but don't look at it like a chore .