At what point in your routine do you meditate: if morning, before/after breakfast; if at night, early/later on in routine?

Jane L.
I like to meditate both in the morning and at night. I will also take conscious breaths throughout the day as mini meditations. I love to shift my focus inward!
Ouma F.
I have put meditation in my morning routine. I try to do it at the office but everyday I struggle finding some time.
Moreover, I have tried all the free sessions on apps and I don’t have any guidance anymore
Jessica F.
I do it right as I get home from work before I do anything else. It helps break up the day, so the stress from work doesnt carry into the rest of my day.
Lorin O.
Every evening at 8.30pm I take a 10 minute walk around the block and listen to rain & thunder sounds with my headphones on. Then I come back, change into my pyjamas and do my meditation which is typically 1 to 1 & a half hours before I turn the lights off and go to sleep. I want to start medidating in the morning too, but I want to create a habit first of my evening meditation.
Isabelle O.
I meditate right before I leave for work. I get up, walk for 30 minutes, shower, get ready for work, meditate, then leave for work. I eat breakfast after I get to work.
El N N.
I usually meditate in the mornings before rest of the family wakes up. Then I take shorter meditation sessions at work. First before I begin my desk work, another one during my lunch time and third in my coffee break after noon.

At home I try to also meditate before I go to bed and when I feel overwhelmed or anxious

Julia O.
I usually meditate in the morning after breakfast, because before breakfast I am usually too tired and just fall asleep. After doing the other things in my morning routine I am usually awake enough to be able to concentrate properly during meditation. 😊