What time do you think is best to meditate???

Jacob S.
Before or after sleeping. This is because it relaxes you and either winds you down for sleep or gets you focused and ready for the day ahead.
John G.
For me it’s not about time of day. But I do need to find a space in the day with some free time; no urgencies pressing for attention and few distractions. Before bedtime is frequently a good time, but a few spare minutes anytime can be great for meditation. Often while waiting on someone or something else try meditation instead of flipping through the phone.
Ishani X.
There is no specific time. Personally I meditate when I get too anxious and panicky about something. I meditate to reset my headspace.
Danielle Y.
At the beginning of the day before you do anything else. Before bed is also good. You can also meditate for only a few minutes at a time throughout the day whenever you need to relax yourself or focus.
Caroline W.
Early mornings are the best time to meditate. Making the space to have the freedom is important. You also have the most willpower early in the morning so this is the time to focus on meditation until it becomes a routine.