How do you start doing the tough tasks instead of avoiding them?

Alice F.
I think there comes a point where I check in with myself and realize how little I feel accomplished of. This often motivates me to make the first step towards implementing a healthier routine into my lifestyle.
Madisyn I.
Give myself a pep talk, I have to talk myself into doing it because I need to and I need to stop being a procrastinator. I feel more accomplished and happy when I just do the work and get it done instead of putting it off till tomorrow.
Josh B.
Try to motivate yourself to do it. If you can't, then force yourself to start doing it
If you can't do that either, then try to lock up your computer, phone, joystick, remote. Anything that waste your time and stops you from your goals, so eventually you'll start doing it because you are bored, but later it will become habit and will be much easier to do and start with it