What kinds of apps do you like to use for meditating?

Cathy A.
I use the app Calm, but I only use the quiet timed meditation and the timed breathing portion for pranayama. Iā€™m not one for guided meditations. When I meditate, I go into the silence and listen to the still small voice. Plus I observe my own mind of thoughts, emotions, feelings, impressions, perceptions and what I need to change. I meditate to connect and gather information from the field and to do projected energy healing when needed, among other things.
Dylan O.
I use Waking Up by Sam Harris. You can get a free month from a current user and they have a 50 learn to meditate program as well as lessons about why to meditate and talks with interesting people about the nature of consciousness
Ronald Y.
Insight timer, brilliant app. Got a lot of guided meditations along with different talks from different people. Well worth it
Gabriele Y.
Hi there, I recently started reading a Brendon Burchard book in which he suggest this type of meditation. Twice a day for 20 minutes you'll begin repeating to yourself "Release" over and over, go on soundcloud and search for him. There's a very relaxing and beautiful music that lasts exactly 20 minutes and you could use that. Trust me, in little time it'll make wonders for you!
Volkhard F.
I used Headspace for about a year or so. It was great to learn the basics of visualizations. From there, I felt like I could do it on my own either in silence or with some music (as long as the app I'm using doesn't have ads)
In S T.
Hey! So the best app for me is Oak. It has few meditation exercises (except if your premium) but they are really good! The profound breathing exercise that they have makes me fall asleep every night. Besides that, you also have Simple Habit, Headspace, Calm and Breathe. They are all very good. šŸ™‚
Amanda S.
So I actually use youtube majority of the time. I have one woman I love and her name is Madeline Rinehart. Just enter her name and all of her guided meditations will come up.

Secondary to that I just downloaded spotify and they offer (for free) guided meditations, just enter that in and a bunch will pop up.

Thirdly, Fabulous made an app called "Reverie". I just downloaded that one sk I dont know too much about it but they have a lot so I plan on looking into it more!

Hope this helps!!

Dylan S.
I tried the meditations on Fabulous. Also did the free trials for Headspace and Calm. I ended up purchasing the membership for Headspace which was my favourite of the two but Calm is also very good.