Sometimes I feel that meditation is wasting my time. How do I stop that?

Ronny E.
When adjusting to a new routine it can be very difficult at times. Just remember that even people who has been doing their routines for years feel this way sometimes. Just do your very best, try to stay positive, remind yourself why you're doing this, and never forget that tomorrow is a fresh start. So don't beat yourself up over stumbling blocks. Just pick yourself up and Keep On Truckin!

Barry F.
Ask yourself: why do you meditate? In what sense that meditation is wasting your time? Being honest with yourself is a good start for meditation. In my experience, during my meditation, sometimes there are unpleasant feelings and thoughts to prior events (conflicts, failures, etc.). Do not hold back. Let yourself explore those thoughts and feelings by asking questions to yourself. It helps you focus to get to know and make friends with yourself.