How do you fight the urge to sleep?

Ted W.
I have not been winning this fight myself lately, and I can feel the depression and self- loathing building. Today I am making a fresh start and so can you. When I do win against the urge to stay under the covers, this is what I am reminding myself. You will never look back later and say you are so glad you hit snooze or ate that second piece of cake. You will always feel better about yourself, about your ability to tackle whatever else comes your way, about how you look if you have started the day taking the steps of a healthy life.
Gerwin X.
I don’t really fight it. If I’m sleepy, I sleep. I’ve started to trust my body and its need to sleep. Whenever I don’t, I find myself being extra tired. If I find myself falling sleep during meditation, I allow myself to do it and welcome the opportunity for the extra rest.
Suelen P.
I don't fight it…. If I feel sleepy I give in to it…. I listen to my body… So if I feel sleepy I must need that rest?!
Herbert C.
I usually keep my body moving in some way. I'll roll my neck or stretch my arms as I relax. It's important to keep the actions simple and automatic. You don't want to give your mind a reason to wander without your permission.
Anto E.
Move. I have to force myself to move. Go for a walk. Pick up around the house. Get some chores done. Get moving to get your blood pumping and fight the urge to just sleep!