What are ways you can meditate

Taylor G.
I like going on long walks for maybe 3 hours of my day, a little time separated from the business of daily life. I don’t like to listen to anything and just keep myself unplugged during this time. Sometimes, I’ll walk to an open park or a wood that I enjoy listen to a meditation podcast, following along to a guided breath work session. This is all very new to me too but it’s important to just try! Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all I suppose. I wish you the best <3
Rosa W.
There are many ways to meditate whether it’s being outside, in your mind, or with a friend. You want to make sure you are out of harms way and in place you can relax. Then Judy focus on being mindful of the moment. The energy. The day.
Marla Z.
I haven't been too long in this but I like to do guided meditation for 10 – 15 mins in the morning, I search in youtube or use the Fabulous meditations, it depends of what I want to approach that day
Nicoline W.
Using a three part breath (belly, ribs chest). Set a timer starting and 3 minutes. Breathe into your belly, ribs chest, and exhale reverse. Do this with eyes closed for three minutes. Then, next time, try 5 min.
Tatiana A.
You can watch your breath, feeling it on through your nose, out through your mouth. Ground yourself in your senses and notice the present moment. Notice five things that you see, fours thing that you hear, three things that you feel, two things that you smell, one that you taste. Watch your without judgement, like clouds passing in a beautiful sky.
Lya J.
By sitting down wherever you're comfortable,you don't need a lot of space to do this.just a simple cushion or even your bed could be a good place to relax and unwind all the stress you are going through
Alex E.
With gentle movements coordinated with breathing, or sat still in an up right position or even lying down. With Mantra or not. Observing your thoughts or emptying your mind. For short periods or long periods. Always be kind to yourself and grateful to yourself for taking time out for yourself!