Where do you like to meditate?

Vic Ncio Z.
My room. I have to work here in my room for a while so I'd like to make here my safe place and I can't go out because of corona virus and anywhere else in the house is just no appropriate.
Shane S.
My favourite place to meditate is the beach. First I watch the waves coming in, and then back out. Then I listen to the sound of the ocean. I breath deeply and as I close my eyes I can hear the waves break, even though my eyes are closed i Can see the ocean. I can feel the ocean. It's healing me. 🌊🌊
Roc O E.
I usually do an active meditation. For example painting, writing, cooking or any other artistic activity I enjoy. Having a list of activities worked better for me than just sitting and closing me eyes because I get easily distracted or bored. So the -where- part is more like everywhere! I can meditate while commuting, at the park, at home or while working at the office.