How important is body position for meditation?

Daisy X.
I dont like sitting, it is uncomfortable for me. I prefer laying down reclined so my body can relax and I can imagine myself weightless. Sitting up right makes me focus too much on my posture
Lidiane C.
You have to be comfortable but some call for an alert posture ie sitting but some also are designed for sleep so ie would require lying down. The point is to be comfortable enough to get what you're trying to achieve.
Alicia Y.
I’d say pretty important, in that the body should be comfortable during meditation. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the floor or in a chair. Make the body comfortable enough that it won’t distract you during meditation.
Lee X.
Depends on the mood or situation, sometimes I don't sit straight – I don't feel strong enough to do so. However one thing I always try to include into a position – relaxing my body and trying to stay as open as possible. I think sitting is best with hands placed on knees, but I did it also laying on bed or standing in a park next to the tree. In position the most important thing is to keep it "open" and straight and relaxed, these give you energy and embrace what we are doing.
Justin F.
Body position is very, very important. Simply sitting up properly or lying down in a comfortable, healthy position can make all the difference in terms of better meditation and better posture in the long run.
Catrin F.
Just make sure you are comfortable as a first step and that you can breathe comfortably. The position is meant to help keep you upright so that you can breathe properly and also stay alert and not fall asleep during the meditation. So don’t worry about the perfect posture if you are able to be comfortable and breathe and stay alert.
Allison O.
I am not sure. I know lying on bed is going to end 99% in falling asleep. I always sit in one day to be Lotus position and it helps my mind to focus quicker as it started to connect it to the meditation state.
Walter Y.
I’ve been practicing meditation for about a year now I’m still finding it difficult to sit in the traditional lotus position but trying a little everyday day . Otherwise I sit with my back up against something for support. I try not to stay in bed in the mornings when I practice because I find I fall back to sleep . At night though I’ll listen to a meditation app and drift off to sleep or listen to an audio book
Hope that helps
What do you guys do ?
Jar Z.
I would say that it is definitely pretty important. You should be in a position that is both comfortable and relaxing. The way your body is positioned should not be distracting from your meditation, so take that into consideration, too.