What’s is better in your opinion: meditation with or without a background song?

Kiley N.
a background song helps me tune out any actual background noises because i find those distracting and the music is calming:)
Faith X.
I currently always have some kind of background noise. I use guided meditation 99% of the time and all of them have back track music. The 1%of time I'm not using a guided meditation it's in the shower and the water is the background noise.
Gilda B.
I normally have background music, but I can still meditate without it. I usually find a sound in the background to listen to, even if it isn't a song, too.
Jorge S.
I feel more focused with ambient music. It helps drown out background noise, and I can use it as an anchor to keep my thoughts under control.
Mylan O.
Always with background song, and I like that you don't have a ending for the song so you can keep meditating and you can then open your eyes to finish when you are ready.
Abigail G.
When the weather is nice, I like to meditate in my yard out in country. Nature is the best meditation song. Otherwise I prefer using a nature sounds app. I tend to pick sounds that are tailored to the moment. During evening meditation, campfire with crickets and bullfrogs, autumn afternoons might me a woodsy tree and leaves sounds deer calls.