How do you get the motivation to meditate? I dread doing it.

Kim U.
I always take meditating as a chance to better myself and to feel more calm , So I always end up meditating when I wake up or after a long work day to cope with the stress
Adelbert W.
Remind yourself of the reason you, I’m presuming, may have considered it important to do in the first place. This, for me, gives it importance in the moment. And before the moment passes, just agree [with yourself] to do do it. – If it helps, remind yourself that either way it’ll only be a few minutes and, at least it won’t be wasted time.❤️
Liginia N.
I was constantly feeling advise lo anxious, thinking always few steps ahead. My mind was always in the future, what could happen or what could not. Or worse, in the "what if" of life. Never fully in the present. When I mediated for the first time I begin to understand what it is to be really in the now. I realize how much I was missing. And more important I became more aware of my body and mind and therefore I began to take care of me. I feel alive. When I don't feel motivated to meditate I try to remember myself how I feel when I do, and the huge change this was for me.