How do you stop mental distractions while you’re meditating?

Diether X.
I think the best way is to identify what drives You. Focus on it, and everything else won’t matter.
Also do yourself a favour and find a quiet place, and silence all devices.
Lisbeth R.
I don't think you can stop them just like that.i am looking into this as well and understand that each time you drift away and have conciousness that you have drifted take note accept and concentrate again on you breathing. I guess after lots of practice it just gets building muscle
Wade O.
Just return your attention to the breath as soon as you realise that you're distracted. Shortly identifying mental distractions (thought, feeling, song etc.) can help creating distance between your attention and the distractions.
Armando F.
I don’t fight against them. I acknowledge them. I notice them and say to myself, “Oh, I am thinking about such-n-such.” After that observation, o guide myself back to my breathing, etc. The more r I try to force myself to NOT do something, the more I think about it, and even beat myself up for doing something so human. Noticing, acknowledging and returning to the practice works for me.
Amalie E.
Drink some water or tea. Try your best to stay calm. Lie down if it makes you feel more relaxed. Or you can just do the meditation twice if you have free time.
Edith P.
I stop mental distraction while meditating by not allowing them to overtake my mind. Distractions will always be there but its up to you if you will get distracted or not.
Saionara Q.
I meditate at 10:30 because I have a busy household and most everyone is asleep by then. Meditating also helps me fall asleep/sleep better.
Isabella W.
I try to focus on my breath. I doesn't always work but every time the mind wonders I notice that it does and I get back to focusing on the movement of the breath
Nicklas Y.
The point is actually not to stop anything. Recognize the distraction without loosing touch of the focus you are on (e.g. the breath) listen to the distraction/investigate it, but don’t loose yourself in it.
Nanna P.
There is no way to completely stop distractions. I find when my wanders that it is better to gently bring my focus to my breath. Don’t scold yourself for your mind wandering embrace it as you are human. Our minds are geared to find threats, so when your mind wanders be gentle and focus on the relaxing and the mindfulness you gain. No one is perfect but with practice it gets easier.
Leah Q.
With Practice, only actual practice is going to accomplish some things for us. I call it going inside. With practice you can learn to meditate while doing some things. You can learn to meditate while in conversation or in experience. These aren’t ideal for meditation but meditation can be ideal for them. Learn to go into what some call the zone. I don’t remember how long it took me to obtain that skill but my profession supports this lifestyle so I’m sure for me it was much easier than others in a nonsupporting lifestyle. Just stay with it and above all, receive your meditation without judgement. Make your spirit at home within your own soul.
Andrzej O.
I like to pretend my distracted thoughts are a cute animal, I pet them on the head and let them go play away from me. If I give in to the though that I cannot be distracted I become too frustrated with my brain full of animals. If I acknowledge them, they will settle down.
Susie E.
I focus on one small thing for instance my breath. But I have as well to accept this thought and gently and consciously left it go to focus on my breath.
Elizabeth E.
I trt to focus on my breath and count them so thay Im not thinking about other things. If I am listening to an audio for guided meditation, I try to focus on the voice. And listen carefully. Most of the times I do get distracted as I have thoughts of work I have to do, office, plan other stuff.
I am still learning to quieten my mind
Lisa I.
They say that it's not a good idea to think of stopping distractions

A good idea would be to be aware of the thoughts

Observe each thought from a neutral third person perspective

That might be a good idea

Another option is to instead 'do something else' than 'avoiding distractions' like focus on 'breathing'
This will automatically reduce distractions

Also its suggested to not focus too much with a lot of effort on this
It might become a frustrating experience

Luke E.
During meditation when I realize that I am lost in thought, I try to catch the thought itself. And suddenly it dissappears. As if this simple acknowledgemt of the existence of the thought helps to dissolute the thought. Does it make sense? Hope it is helpful 🙂
Brice Z.
I use guided meditations. If my mind wanders and I notice it I gently bring my attention back to my breath by mentally saying "in" and "out"
Todd P.
You can't stop them, they're always there. You just acknowledge them and then move on. Your mind is gonna do what it wants, you can only gently guide it
Jill W.
The point of meditation is not to void your mind of any thoughts, feelings, or distractions. When a distraction comes up, try to recognize it, but don’t run with it. See it, observe it, but don’t act, don’t let it grow.
Filippa W.
It’s not about stopping. It : about awareness- so observing the thoughts that may arise, acknowledging them and then letting go to go back to your breath or whatever it is you’re focused on. The more you force yourself to stop your thoughts the more difficult it will be. So just let go 🙂
Margaretha P.
don’t resist them. Once they’ve distracted you, they’re already there. Just notice that you’re distracted, and bring yourself back to your breath. You don’t need to keep thinking about those distractions, so you can just let them go.
Leoberto P.
It’s not about stopping the distractions because that’s almost impossible. It’s more about coming back to your breath or the present over and over and over again without any judgment.
Shane N.
I don't.
I just aknowledge the thoughts without loosing focus on breathing.
Thoughts are not distractions until we react on them and except them as our own source of truth
Brett U.
No need to stop, let it flow. The more we try to stop it keeps on coming, so better to ignore while meditating. Our thoughts are our friends, if we stop we may lose some important advice or ideas. Let it flow give attention when you need it.
Nathaniel J.
You don’t stop distractions. You welcome them, and once you are aware of them, shift your attention back to whatever you were focusing on. Don’t fight it.
Mat O C.
I usually just try to remember the moment I’m in. I realize that all that really matters is the present and that if something is really bothering me, I can get back to it with a cleaner mind.
Philip C.
I embrace mental distractions. Infact tackleing these one by one during meditation leads me to less cluttered thoughts outside of meditation.
Rosa C.
You stop trying too hard. You let your mind wander, then when you realize it has wandered, you gently bring it back to its neutral state. You keep doing this, over and over. Slowly the distractions will reduce, and vanish altogether. How much time this takes is different for everyone.