What type of meditation do you use? e.g. guided, breathing etc.?

Margot G.
It really depends. I try everyday to do guided breathing meditation but sometimes I also do themed meditations like the ones in the fabulous app or in other apps for example focused on stopping worrying spirals or ease anxiety. The best is to find out what works for you. I for instance prefer guided meditations while my boyfriend prefers not guided so we’re all different in that
Abi J.
I used an app called meditation which has a number of courses on the basics, self esteem, happiness etc. It also has minimal guidance ones. Each meditation is 10 minutes and covers techniques like breathing, body scan and visualising thoughts as clouds our a waterfall as they occur before letting go. I particularly like the exercise which involves labelling thoughts with emotions.
Kelsey N.
I started with guided then pivoted to breathing and now do transcendental. I think of them as different tools in my toolbox and use whatever I need in the moment–am I in a crowded place and trying to calm down? Breathing meditation. Is it early morning and I'm trying to supplement a bad night's sleep? Transcendental. Am I trying to fall asleep? Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Different meditation tools for different jobs.
Daniel F.
I have been using the balance app for a few months. I have enjoyed the foundations courses which i now turning into unguided meditation.