Should you meditate alone?

Lucena T.
Meditation is an internal work, is that moment of peace within yourself, I would suggest to start meditating alone first and master that and later move into group meditation. If it is difficult for you to meditate, meditating with someone will hold you accountable and push you to do so.
Thea W.
For personal growth it’s always better. For you you don’t have to worry about what others may think. You can be free with your Father in heaven. But group meditations also have their benefits because depending on the strength of those who you are meditating with as you give out energy you can receive new and rejuvenating energy from Jesus through them
Cora X.
Yes , I do meditate alone as I need to be confident enough to tell others to start once I am fit this mode then I will teach others the importance of meditation 😊
Anton B.
I believe it’s the best way to be able to concentrate without interruptions. It’s a personal and private special time for me.
Isabella P.
Meditating with others is always more powerful. You can alternate solo meditations at night with group meditation in the mornings.
You can join a daily meditation group online and be linked to likeminded individuals.
Cid Lia P.
I think meditation is a personal act, and wouldn't be as effective if a person was doing it with another person. It's meant to be about mindfulness and letting go, and having another person around just makes us more aware of them and their thoughts rather than focusing on ourselves.
Guerete F.
Yuh for sure, in my opinion you have to meditate alone because you need to disconnect with everyone and everything and connecte with your soul and body
Savannah W.
Ooh, that would be nice! I'm never alone so I'm not really the right person to ask. I'd say yes if you can although it's also nice to be part of a group. Whatever works for you. I always think any meditation is better than no meditation.