How do you keep meditating and focused?

Vicki Q.
I use headspace and the breathe app on my watch. I sometimes find thoughts pop into my head but I try really hard to refocus on my breathe. I sleep so much better once I’ve meditated.
Sarah I.
Meditating, to me, is just stopping and relaxing your body, soul, and mind. I think it’s good if your mind wanders, just when you realize it go back to focusing on your breath or your body, whatever it was before. Just let your mind wander, don’t get upset over it, and just go back to your first point of focus.
Karen Z.
I really struggle to stay focused but and learning as I go. I've learnt its best to meditate first thing before the house wakes. I've learnt never to check my messages or emails before I meditate or else that's me totally distracted and finding it hard to stay present.
Lindsey F.
I focus on my breath and I release any tension with each breath. You can feel the difference when you let go. In your face, shoulders, neck, etc. Just keep focusing on the in and out rhythm. It's okay to get off track. You can always get back on. Keep practicing. It gets more fluid.