How do you make sure you meditate every morning?

Marko E.
I set an alarm. I make a mental note to meditate the night before. I ensure that meditation is the first thing I do when I wake up.
Heidi Y.
I rise early. I stopped seeing getting up early and saw it as a gift. My morning routine includes breakfast, water, meditation, reading a book. All of those are so restorative to me that I don’t want to not get up. I also work out and though that’s not as enjoyable, I find a way to do it more enjoyably — Zumba or walk with a friend. Treats for me!
Beautiful Z.
I made meditation a part of my morning routine. I enjoy what I learn about myself, so I continue to do it to get that benefit.
Allen J.
I use the daily calm App and that’s one of the first things I do when I wake as it’s only ten minutes . The app has some good advice at the end of the meditation but it does cost about £30.00 a year. It’s brilliant – has exercise and masterclasses as well . Also classes for children .
Denise P.
Well, I tend to meditate at night (just got back into the habit) . for A.M. though i would try starting off with even a 5 minute guided meditation. that way it doesn't feel like a chore and you could use this app to remind you until it becomes natural/ habit. oh and maybe do it before you even get out of bed so not to get side tracked (can drink your glass of water while doing it which is one of the first habits if most any apps like so because thats very important).

i hope this helps some. i never know if anyone gets use out of answering Qs and the questions we can ask, I don't know where to find that. hmm..

happy new year 🎉