How long before you feel that meditation is working?

Beth Peck
I guess that depends on both the person and the techniques being used. For me the noting and reflection techniques developed in the Headspace packs work really well. I expect others have other experiences and preferences. I definitely feel I have started meditating again within 10-20 days. Again, that’s very personal and it may take some less or a lot more time to start feeling the benefits. HTH.

Constance Thomas
I think that if you meditate for 15 minutes every day for two weeks it will become a habit and it will get easier the more you do it.

Charlotte Garrett
If you achieve peace and can get rid of your thoughts even for few seconds and can find inner peace, you will feel less tired during the day and more focused and lively! It's all depends on the your self control of thoughts

Veli Völkl
When I started it took around half a year of everyday practice since I started to feel results. I begun to be much calmer and distanced from everyday things, but in a good way – I found a perspective that helped me understand my surroundings and make good decisions. Since then I have few breaks from practice, returning after each one gave me results after a week or so.

Patricia Hunt
I am on day 77 of a meditation streak and I feel like I am just now starting to really notice some positive effects. So for me personally, between 2 and 3 months of consistent, daily meditation.

Tina Vargas
I think it needs some time before the mind really starts to disconnect. It’s my third day and I still have a lot of practice to do 💪🏼🙏🏻

Florival Barbosa
I think it starts working immediately. Your moods change, you become more stable, though the change is gradual, you definitely start feeling it immediately. Plus it also helps to be optimistic about it.

Ricky Mckinney
It takes about a min or two to exhale whatever is going on and then I can get into a headspace at around the 5min mark. It’s always changing but consistent practice helps me achieve more moments of insight .

Rémi Noel
I would not focus on results with regard to meditation, but just on how it makes you feel in the moment. Eventually you may start to notice the differences that it is making.

Naomi Francois
The very moment I hear wonderful sounds on this app during meditation – I am instantly better! The only one melody which doesn’t work for me is with electric guitar – feels like something techno, not alive and natural