Do you ever feel like your rituals are perfect?

Martha O.
Not all the time. Sometimes they feel perfect and sometimes they don't.
The trick is to do a bunch of them regularly and different ones work better on different days.
It's like a system where there are multiple parts are working together but it's not necessary for all them to be perfect everyday for the system to work effectively.

Gilbert Z.
No. Everything is a work in progress, while we strive to become better everyday the reality sets in that we are only allowed what we possibly can as an individual. We are all different and have different strengths. We should never think we have reached perfection, that makes us devoid ourselves of humility.

Penny T.
Never! I’m always on the journey to self improvement. Always paying attention to the way my body feels and how my rituals are effecting my mind, body and spirits. There is always room for improvement.

Jade W.
Rituals are there for defining your place on that part of earth, but over doing it is not only making it a burden on everyone but also it loses its charm. Rituals are never hard core we make that because of our superstition, when we came on this earth, there were no rituals, they became a part of life, but they are not essentials of live, just to remember we live a way. So when we don't enjoy the rituals we should stop doing them.

Livramento Q.
I don’t ever feel like my rituals are perfect. I decided when I signed up that I wasn’t going to measure myself in that way. I celebrate when I have a good week, or even a good day, but I never track too much or beat up on myself. For me, part of being fabulous is being fabulous to myself. So I am kind to myself and I only focus on the positive.

Amber F.
Of course they're not perfect, but it is going to get better and better. One of the most important points is to accept that nothing is perfect and you should try to get better and better. Just compare yourself with yourself yesterday.

Benjamin Z.
They shouldn’t be. They are supposed to relax us into the flow of things. To perfection into the process seems contrary to the notion of relaxing. Feels controlling. Think of the ritual as your intention being expressed on constant basis. Don’t worry about how it comes out. I hope this helps.

Herminia E.
I travel a fair bit and find that my habits don't always work so smoothly from place to place. I have to keep adjusting them each place. Is kind of fun to think I'm creating habits that exist outside of location. It does not always feel like I'm getting the best out of my habits because of this location change though.

Cl Mentine A.
I feel like my main concern is consistentcy. But I definitely do adjust them if something doesn't feel right & try to get it as perfect as possible.

Ethan Z.
Sometimes yes, but I more often don’t. They are t perfect, but they do shape my day and help me accomplish the mindset I need to carry into productivity and self care. Without my ritual, I tend to slip into behavior I don’t like.

Alison E.
I do feel my rituals are perfect for me, they include the possibility to be flexible with how much or how little I do. Sometimes I can combine several of them if time is short and they still set me up for the day.

Maria B.
No definitely I always feel like I could add more things into my daily rituals. And sometimes I lose interest in one of my rituals, but you have to keep moving. Do what works and If you find something you would like to add into your daily routine try it out. I believe people are always changing in every way so there’s no harm in changing up a daily routine.

Nils E.
Right now they are getting better but i used to be a mess well I still am a mess but this app is helping a bit and helping me stay busy and distracted!

Heidi P.
First, strike the word perfect from your vocabulary.
But yes— I have some rituals that work really well RIGHT NOW, and others that are almost there but not yet achieving my goal for them. So, those I keep tweaking. But all rituals will evolve as you do. It’s a journey.