Where is the best place to meditate ?

Valdemar W.
I find it easiest to meditate in an outdoor space. Especially after a workout. I finish my workout and then transition into meditation from my cool down stretches. Makes it feel like a reward for moving your body so much. I prefer outdoors because of the breeze and nature sounds. Inside or out, I suggest you find an ambient sound scape that makes you relaxed. My favorite is thunderstorms. Ultimately it’s a matter of recognizing your patterns and what inspires you. I once made a list of what an ideal environment for me would be. (Ex. Near water, nature, earthy fragrances, etc) Then you have go to tools for relaxation, real or fabricated with sound etc.
Cathy O.
I think A silent place is the best place to meditate more accurately it you are a student it is nearest place to ur study table…