Do you find it harder to motivate yourself to meditate on a weekend?

Eliana J.
Sometimes, there’s a lot of randomness going on during my weekends. I like not having a strict routine but I definitely need more structure. I’d like to meditate everyday though. Even on the weekends. That’s probably when I need it most! I’m going to start slow with my weekend routine this week. Meditating will be something I try to do in the morning.
Emily Y.
I find it easier to meditate on weekends because I’m not feeling pulled in a dozen different directions by my job. I guess that means I actually NEED it more on week days, huh? 🤔🤗
Ruby T.
Not really I can meditate anytime I want. it mostly depends on how I'm feeling, but usually, if I'm not feeling ok that's when my mind needs a reboot
Vandy F.
Definitely.. I haven’t created a Good routine around it. I like to sleep in and then linger over coffee. Maybe I can commit to a moving meditation. I’ll give that a try.
Nandini N.
not really because i know that if i don’t meditate, it throws off my whole day, so i make it a priority over other things in my day
Rowan N.
No but I might change the time I do it – I go for a long swim early on a Saturday morning (100 lengths/2000m) which takes me about 80 mins and I tend to use the time and rhythm of the strokes to calm my mind – it’s not exercise for me it’s therapy!
Kelly Q.
Nope! Quite the opposite. I have more unscheduled time on the weekend, so I have less resistance to taking time for myself.
Marion N.
A bit harder to find time and motivation as I usually start my working days with meditation to set my mind right. I try to m
keep a good balance between duties and free time. Thus, I have not found a catch to meditate when I am relaxed.