Is there a recommended amount of time to meditate?

Inessa Q.
It think it’s a preferential thing some meditate for short amount of time while others do it for a longer period but it depends on the person and what their body needs at the moment
Bessie Z.
I'm going to say no it all depends on you. Like how much time do you need to wind down do you need 5 seconds or 30 minutes. Did you have a great day if so I would recommend 30 seconds to 5 minutes of meditation if you had a terrible day I would recommend 15 to 45 minutes of meditation it all goes hand in hand. On how you feel each day you wake up and each night before you go to sleep.
H Lder N.
I like doing mediation in the morning because then you will set intentions for some expectations specifically how the days would be like. It will also help to set affirmative statements and start a day with a refresh mindset
Emma C.
I don't think so.Man must decide himself how much time he needs for his meditation.People differ and every human is individual.
Selma W.
I believe this answer should varied between a person and another, you might find couple of minutes will be fine, I would think couple of hours would be fine, at the end, just listen to your inner soul and the connection between you and the world that you have created.
Lily C.
I personally think that 5 min is enough, especially for people who have a busy life. But it would not harm to meditate longer
Storm C.
i just started meditating on regular basis so I can't give you a good answer . i simple prefer it to be shorter than 30 minutes so it wouldn't scar me into not doing it
Nicholas Z.
I think it is something you choose. It depends on the value that you give to that kind of moments, your goals, but most important your desire to practice. Pablo D’ors said “meditate everyday for 3 months and then we talk” so the key is to be consistent.
Isabella X.
I meditate my way through each and every day. Prayer, reading, writing, art, speaking, dancing, and singing can all be forms of meditation and are great medicine for the soul.
Graciela Z.
Well I guess this answer depends on your time that you have available. Any time meditated will create some affect mentally.
Karen T.
There isn't. I'd like to think that whenever you feel like you're out of the present moment, overthinking or anxious and want to focus, meditating is the way to keep you right here, right now. The amount of time you spend doing it, depends enterely on you. It is okay to just meditate for 5 minutes if you're in a hurry; or 20 if you're willing to go deeper in yourself.