Is it completely necessary to be sitting upright in order to meditate? I like to continue to lie down but am not sure if this is correct. I think I am trying to meditate the lazy way!

Michael Q.
There is nothing wrong with meditating lying down, do whatever is best for you, with meditation your mind is more important that what position you are in.

Rayan O.
The “Lazy Way?” I like that!😄😄
I don’t think there’s a right way or a wrong way to meditate. It’s up to you the individual. There are times when I sit upright and others when I lie down comfortably. I’ve heard of some people who would meditate while out walking and there’s a group of people who meditate whilst exercising! (How’s that for multitasking!). So you see there’s different ways to do it and you’re NOT a lazy meditater! Just don’t fall asleep whilst doing it!

Janet S.
The main issue is that if you’re still in bed you may fall asleep. That’s why sitting up in straight posture has been taught in yoga for thousands of years; meditation is not sleep but it can lead to sleep and drowsiness if lying down. Depends on your goal! In the morning you should probably be sitting up. It’s personal preference, do you feel calmer and more energized? Then maybe laying down is okay. Try to pair with some deep breathing. I’m a certified yoga teacher btw. Hope this helps! 🙂

Anthony P.
I don’t think that it’s lazy. I’ve been to many yoga classes where the meditation in the end is while laying flat on your back. I think it’s always important to personalize things to where they feel right for you. I do the evening meditation last thing before I go to sleep, when I’m already in bed. It gives me the best sleep as I usually drift into sleep during it. Hope this helps 🙂

Ella E.
Hello 👋🏼 Through my experience I’ll suggest you, do whatever works for you. In my case I lay down every night before I go to bed and meditate, sometimes I even fall asleep because I’m tired. But, that’s ok. The reason to meditate at night is to calm down my body and thoughts and go to sleep. In the morning, I meditate as well, but in a sitting position crossed legs. This meditation for me is the time when I woke up my body and make my intentions for the day. That’s why I need to be seated.
But once again, if you feel more comfortable laying down, do it. I think there’s no correct or wrong way, it’s only your way.
Whis you peace, love and happiness!

Deuv Nia P.
I haven’t tried doing meditation lying down. I actually started doing meditation sitting upright to correct my posture. So I can’t help much. But doing a quick search on the internet, I found this:

Hope it helps

Daniel F.
Doesn’t matter at all. Whatever works for you. It’s only when you get super yogi about it that you need to start considering the different leg and hand positions. If it is causing you stress then do more research. I’ve done the research and I don’t care I just lay down to meditate. Even yogis recommend that with beginning students.

Marl Cia E.
I can understand that. It is sometimes quite uncomfortable. Sitting is the best, but you don't have to do it just like that. You can sit on the chair and rest your back as well. Try it.

Olivia W.
I looked it up and it says you can mediate sitting up or laying down. But sittting up is better to mediate but it doesn’t matter

Jade Q.
So it depends on the type of meditation technique you are using, some are meant to be sitting up and there are others that will allow you to lie down. Obviously the techniques that you lie down for are to help you relax, sleep and reenergise. So it’s up to you which one you prefer. Stay Happy!!

Marlies F.
Lying down is ok as long as you don’t fall asleep. It’s harder to meditate lying down because it’s too relaxed that the physical mind will go to sleep mode. Hence, no benefit spending time meditate in lying position.

Jason E.
In Spiritual teachings sitting upright in my experience is the first thing one reads or hears and a certain amount of disapline Is a benefit – a return to an empty space – However I have found laying down promotes thinking thus said attention to the minds chatter is an important component . So sitting or laying in a prone position is possible for the intention to meditate

Russell Z.
Of course it’s fine to lie down. Just be careful not to fall asleep. 😉 If you’re a beginner I’d recommend keeping your practice short and sweet. Maybe a gentle alarm to keep you from dozing off. If you have a bad lower back (like me), place something folded under your needs to reduce strain in that area. Or if you get chilly (also me), drape a small blanket over you. Just get comfortable. The path to meditation is yours, keep doing what works for you. There is no THE right way. Best of luck! ❤️

Larry Z.
It is usually recommended, but imho you can meditate in every position, even walking or running. When you are lying down you jist have a bigger chance to fall asleep and you have a different type of heaven-earth connection.

Kathryn J.
If you feel meditating while laying down keeps you zoned into the process much better and makes you feel more comfortable, then it should be viable.

Enora Z.
I don’t think that it is necessary to be sitting upright to meditate. I meditate when I am lying in bed sometimes and it helps me to relax before going to bed. I also will meditate lying down when I wake up really early as well.

Idalina F.
I also like to meditate lying down. For me it is a way to fully relax. I understand the risk is falling asleep. If that’s no problem for you I don’t see a problem…

Lucas N.
I have always lie down mainly because that is what I thought you did after going to yoga classes etc kit seems the best way

Chlo Q.
I always meditate before bed lying down so when it’s done I can just roll over and sleep. It’s so much easier to do it lying down because you can relax your body more and just sink in the mattress/couch. Not lazy at all, you do you!

Christian C.
I think you can meditate in whatever position you’re comfortable in. The problem of meditating while lying down is that you’re more likely to fall asleep.

Sean U.
It doesn't matter how you meditate, if you don't have time, even if you are walking to work and you can manage to focus on you and your thoughts is very good, the important is to be concentrated, no distractions.

Jord O B.
There are benefits to sitting upright: your deeper airflow is uninterrupted, it's better for your core, and you're less likely to fall asleep if you get bored! However when I meditate at night to help get a good night's sleep, I always do that lying down to help me transition to sleep.

Suzanne J.
you can sit on a chair, on the floor, you can lay down, you can stand up. it doesn't matter. just remember that meditating is not laying down and daydreaming.

Karl Ernst F.
Most meditation instructors will tell you to sit in a chair with your feet planted on the ground, while keeping your back straight, but without holding tension. The goal is to remain relaxed and alert at the same time. Sitting upright helps prevent you from falling asleep. Whether you practice mindfulness, or the various other forms of meditation, such as mantra, tantric yoga,
Or Raja yoga, with visualization, and many other forms known to experienced yoga adepts, the goal is to be relaxed, alert, to allow your practice to be fruitful.
That being said, I have meditated while lying down successfully. I originally meditated while seated in the half lotus posture, a crossed legged position with one foot placed over the other , resembling the cross legged seated posture. When younger, I used to sit in a full lotus posture. Not today, as I don’t have the flexibility.
My concluding point is that you may successfully meditate in any position that you feel comfortable as long as you are relaxed and maintain alert to pay attention to your inner being. It’s a learning process and a lifelong journey of discovery of self.

Celestine E.
I think it’s fun to lie down, as long as you don’t fall asleep! The important thing is to feel comfortable and like you won’t be interrupted

Cordula Z.
There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s about learning to focus on the present no matter if you’re sitting or lying down

Magda J.
Whatever position and time works to clear your head and push out thoughts is my version of meditation. Some mornings I can sit upright before my baby wakes up, other times I listen to piano music on the subway and focus on my breathing, and other times I consider my running my meditation. It varies with what life throws at me for the day and it’s certainly not perfect, I’m no picture in a yogi magazine, but pushing out day-to-day thoughts, frustrations and my to-do’s and instead thinking about my breathing, my gratitude and my positive sense of self in that moment is meditation for me. ❤️

Wayne E.
No not at all! There are meditations that you should sit upright . But you can also meditate lying in the comfort of your bed . People say you should sit upright because it sends the brain the 'discipline ' signal . Most meditations are based on discipline and mindfulness. And also when you are lying down you are more likely to fall asleep because the bed is where we relax and also SLEEP. If you are lying when you are meditating, be sure to not to do it in the bed . But meditation is all about feeling good so do it the way you like . Good luck on your journey! 🙂

Crystal O.
I meditate laying down every morning (not in bed, on floor). I sit all day and want to make meditation utilize a different posture. It’s not lazy!!!!

Rasmus P.
Good question! During meditation you can sit, lie down, or even stand if you want to! However If you tend to fall asleep during meditation, try meditating while sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. If you want to use meditation to help you fall asleep then definitely do it lying down, but it you’re trying to work on your mindfulness, I would recommend meditating while sitting upright. Just remember though, there is no “lazy way” just keep doing it and you’re doing fine! Hope I could help! 😊

Malo T.
Meditate whatever way feels right for you. That’s the key.
For me – i will meditate lying down right before I go to sleep at night. That’s a natural position to be in and I move through meditation into sleep very easily. In the morning though, I prefer to sit cross legged on a cushion. It’s my go to position and I enjoy my meditation much more .
Short answer: do whatever works for you

Paige E.
Nope, I’ve heard multiple times from various instructors that it’s fine to practice many meditation & mindfulness exercises while lying down. Sometimes though, the explicit recommendation is to sit upright in a chair or on the floor, or to assume a specific position to be more effective/present in the mediation. I normally don’t meditate lying down because I have a tendency to fall asleep while doing so. Hope this helps!