Where do you think the best place to meditate is?

Cecil Z.
I usually meditate lying on my bed, sometimes sitting or standing on the train while commuting. But the places I like best are in the nature, sitting or lying under a tree on the country or on a quiet garden.

Bertha G.
You can create a special place for your ritual, but that's not really necessary. Any quiet place, where you won't be disturbed, will do.

Christina S.
A place where your mind is without fear, where you can create an environment as no one watching you most importantly the place where you feel free it can be park your backyard, your room most of the time room with silence is preferred where you can sit comfortably for 2-3 hours

L Rke Y.
You can literally meditate anywhere anytime. Even at work stop take 4 deep in through your nose out through your mouth breaths calm your mind. Even if it’s onky for a minute. Mindfulness etc.. just work on bringing I always visualize bringing clean blue into my brain blowing out black smoke it is pretty powerful

Delia N.
The best pleace to meditate can be anywhere. From your bedroom, to your garden. From your balcony to a forest nearby or to a park. Anywhere is good as long as it's comfortable for you. It's important to be somewhere, where you won't be distracted. I think it'll be better if it'll be a place, where you can get freash air. That's all from me. Hope you're having a wonderful day. And if you don't remember that it's just a bad day, not a bad life. I hope what I said helped you.

Isidoro Q.
I bought a special chair which I put by the window in my bedroom. It is my meditation chair and I don’t use it for anything else. Conveniently there is a shelf by the chair so I can play guided meditations on my phone which I place on the shelf

Suzanne Z.
The question's answer would vary and depend on a lot of things basis what level of meditation you have been able to attain. Some individuals can meditate in a complete chaotic surrounding as they can train the mind to alienate themselves from the surrounding and remain unperturbed. While others need a peaceful harmonious surrounding to attain that focus. If you are just starting off for the first time find a place that is close to nature yet peaceful to centre your focus on yourself. You should be able to feel every breath you take in and out. Once you have reached a certain level you can find peace and harmony within yourself.

Irma F.
Anywhere where you are sitting up, comfortable and not likely to be disturbed. Maybe not in bed lying down unless you are using the app to help you get to sleep.

Stacey F.
If you have a separate room for yoga and other wellness programme space then it should be the place .. otherwise your bed's favourite corner is ofcourse world's best place to meditate

Andrea Z.
I like to do it in my room, sitting on the floor cross-legged. Although I did it outside a few times and really enjoyed that. I think ultimately it's about comfort and convenience. At work, I do it at the park outside. When I wake up, I do it right next to my bed.

Emily W.
A comfortable spot like a cushion, couch, or bed. Sitting upright with Low lighting. I also prefer to write down my thoughts so they don’t keep me awake. I also try to get a warm drink, partially because I’m always cold, and drink it in a rhythm to help my breathing.

Chester Y.
These days I usually meditate in the mornings sitting up in my bed. But when I'm riding in a car or even at a public gathering I will position my feet flat on the floor and comfortably place my hands near my lap. Then straighten my back like it's a mountain and lower my shoulders, look down, and relax my forehead, eyes and jaw.
It sounds like a lot but it takes a few seconds and then I can be focused on my breathing and if the situation is right an idea (calm, loving kindness, etc.) and simply breathe for more focus and peace. The best place to meditate, therefore, is internally. My situation demands more flexibility than perhaps for others.

Benjamim F.
For my I cannot sit cross legged so I use the Egyptian pose, sitting in a chair with a straight back. I tuck my chin slightly in. This position helps me stay alert but in the meditative state without falling asleep