What props (e.g. aromatherapy oils) do you use to enhance your meditation?

Liam E.
I use a salt lamp, lighting around my vision board, lavender waxes in my wax warmer and brainwave sounds depending on what I am meditating on.

Severiano T.
Yoga, a small gong, diffusers throughout, about 40 essential oils on shelf at any given time to be used in holistic remedies. Supportive CDs, colors, paints, my German Shepherd Dog. Water. Limestone Wall Fountain, Handmade Windchimes tuned to D Minor, Music, Small Tea candles. Art.

Owen Z.
I use Meditation music. I also use essential oil’s with different fragrances depending on my mood or what I want to achieve.

Martin C.
I dont use any, but I should start!!! One thing I use is guided meditation, if that counts. It's fun and helps me stay focused on being mindful!!

Hubertus C.
I have a portable meditation pillow ( it has handles so I can take it anywhere, it stores easily in a closet because it's square ). I use a cold diffuser and mix up essential oil blends of frankincense, lavender, cedarwood or peppermint, or whatever I feel like but those are my most often good to oils. And I have a small blanket to put over my head if I need to block out light.

Sebastian E.
I prefer my meditation atmosphere to be really simple. I sit at the kitchen table in the morning after I’ve finished breakfast and coffee and meditate there. I don’t like to have music or sit cross legged on a cushion because I find those things distracting. As a result, I can meditate pretty much anywhere at any time. For 5 minutes in my office chair, or lying in bed in the morning. I don’t want it to feel like I have to make a special effort to do it, I want it to feel like a natural part of any day, something I could do at any moment.

Joanne U.
I don't use any props per se but I do use a meditation bench to sit on and add a pillow in front of me to place my legs on. This helpd me maintain the lotus position better and for a longer time. I have also been using guided meditations from a couple of different apps. To set my area, I use low light and also let my family know that I'll be busy for about 20 minutes and shut my door.

Gordon Z.
I like the meditation music. Maybe have different sounds to keep this exercise interesting? Waterfalls, streams, relaxing tapes

Rosie O.
Nothing really. I have a diffuser but it takes too much time and takes me out of the mindset to get up and put it all together.

Eloane W.
Lights down, gadjets off, more fresh air. Sometimes I use the aroma sticks to cleanse the space, but aroma oils must be really better 🙂

Josephine Q.
It depends on the goal and time of meditation. If I seek clarity, peace and sleep I use lavender essential oil. If I seek energy and focus I use citrusy essential oils. Otherwise I just make sure that the place is aired, cleane and as empty as possible. I use my yoga mat to sit on.