What do you do when fall out of your habit?

Jucimara S.
Stressed. I would be in an urge to complete something and yet I have to follow the habit. I will snooze the habit and do it againlater.
Kylie C.
Começo por me sentir incapaz com vontade de desistir… Mas, no dia seguinte começo de novo e com vontade de alterar aquele hábito
Dinis Q.
Consider why I have done so, as deep as I can. Decide whether I want to get back on track, which you should do if it's a good habit. And immediately restart it.
Daniel E.
1) Forgive myself
2) check the why to find out whether I can change something to make keeping the habit easier
3) Start again, with results of point 2 taken into account
Friedericke W.
When I fall out of habit, my first feeling is shame! Again I say? My new memo is dust yourself off , time to start anew. Each time is shorter between breaks. I am gentle on myself. It’s the long journey of life.
Marcel T.
Be gentle with myself. Start the practice over. In the past I used to beat myself up, but now I recognize I’m on a journey. Stumbling is part of the journey and that’s ok.