Do you prefer to meditate alone or with a partner or group?

Alyssia C.
I meditate alone. Sometimes I like to say what I’m thinking out loud or mouth the words. I need to be alone to do this. I also don’t like being interrupted or limited in my thought process which I think being with others would do. Of course I am an introvert by nature. I can see how talking things over with someone could be helpful and their ideas could enhance your thought process but for me solo is best.
Ken U.
Personally, I strongly prefer to meditate by myself because when I'm alone, there are no giggles, thoughts of the other person, or distractions.
Geert B.
I have always meditated alone as I can't find a partner to meditate with but I will sure be amazing with a partner that will encourage u to meditate daily
Grace J.
I like to meditate alone I think. My partner really dislikes meditation. I did meditate in a group once which was also quite nice even though some of the members fell asleep during it. I don't have any access to meditation groups at the moment. I don't mind meditating alone.
Sarah E.
I've really only ever meditated alone, so that's all I know. But I think I prefer it that way. I can meditate as long or as short as I need to in that particular moment, mostly.

However, I don't think I'd be opposed to meditating with a group or a partner. I'm sure there are benefits to that, too, that I'm just not aware of.

I know I just answered your question without actually answering your question, but I try to contribute something to each of these questions.

Barbara P.
Hi, Personally, I prefer to meditate alone, with guided meditation. I am not very good at visualizing. In fact, I have never been able to do it, which frustrates me a lot! With the breathing and the relaxing, no problem. And, I am not good at guiding myself while trying to meditate. I love doing it, though, because I really feel so relaxed.
I have been a loner most of my life, I suppose that is why I prefer to do it alone. Sorry, that I can't help you much. I hope you are happy with The Fabulous. I love it! I never feel alone and the habits we do with each journey helps me to feel better about myself. I find myself doing things for ME! I am blessed with a wonderful and very funny man, with whom I am married 60 years. We have 3 sons who married and divorced their 1st wives. They all remarried very different women and they are very happy. We have 6 women they have brought into our lives, along with 9 grandchildren, one of whom just married a very sweet young lady! I refuse to let go of the 1st wives, so they and their gentlemen are a great part of our family. The grandkids are close to us, as well as their parents.
Stefano J.
I have social anxiety, so mediating with a group feels a bit awkward and makes me very uncomfortable. Even with a partner that I trust. I don’t know, I feel like doing it alone is more relaxing and personal.
Lilly F.
Always alone that is my me time so it’s just me and my thoughts
Burkhardt Y.
Personally, I like to meditate alone because I don't have time to devote to a group setting or being with a partner and I am in control of which sessions I choose and when. I also find being alone is nice because you aren't worries about your immediate surroundings quite as much.
Naz Rio Q.
i prefer to meditate alone because it gives me some time for myself to relax but that may be because i am introverted and prefer to have time to myself as i meditate
Brittany O.
Definitely Alone. I have a people person job. I deal with lots of people everyday. So meditation is my chance to get some alone time and process my thoughts
Pauline W.
I've always done it alone, but I can easily picture me in a group. I think I'd like that! For the partner… it depends who it is. I know my friends too much, we're not quiet together ^^'
Bernice C.
I have participated in group meditations. It is a unique and rewarding experience each time. Periodically, I think it is good to practice meditation in a group so that you continue to learn from others. Currently though, I have been trying to practice meditation alone. I found that if I practice meditation in a group, the. I begin to rely on the group and have trouble maintaining a meditation routine on my own for more than a few days or perhaps a 10 days at most. However, if I only practice meditation alone, I do find that I get lazy, develop bad habits, or drop off my routine, so periodically it is good to meditate in a group. I think this may be a behavior pattern that applies to many activities in life- exercise, studying, maybe even completing tasks at work, cooking, eating meals?