How long should I be meditating for each day?

Claudia P.
At least 5 minutes would be helpful because it impacts your mood and mindset for the rest of your day. Anything less than that wouldn’t be as effective. Obviously anything more would probably calm you for a longer period of time but 5-15 minutes is fine.
Quentin T.
How long you meditate is totally up to you, but I would suggest starting small and working your way up that way you can find a medium where you have enough time, yet feel relaxed and mindful, also trying multiple exercises can truly help you find what you want from meditation.
I hope I could help!
Heidi U.
As long as it takes for you to find your center, your focus and relaxation. It is different for everyone. If I only takes you 2 minutes, then good on you and Meditate for 2 minutes. For me, it takes me about 10 minutes each day and it is 10 minutes that I prioritize to get done daily because it makes my day so much better with increased focus and less stress. I feel renewed after a short meditation session.