How do I meditate effectively?

Ros Rio Q.
I prefer meditation by walking. That give me de chance to flow with the wind. Being static don't is relevant and it's boring.
Percy Q.
I put my phone down usually before i read just before bed so roughly and hour and a half before bed. However, i do check my alarm is set etc after reading before sleep.
Percy Q.
It's hard if your not used to it, but try to find and quiet or comfortable environment. Usually outside is nice if you don't have too much road noise. Once you found a comfortable place, find a comfortable position to sit, lie down, or whatever you prefer. I would recommend for beginners starting with 10-15 mins and increase slowly. Try to focus more on your breathing than anything else. I have a hard time achieving this, but it is possible. Use a guided meditation or do it with nothing, which is quite difficult if your a beginner. It takes time, but you can do it!
Allison C.
For me, to meditate effectively, I go to a quiet place. A place where you hear nothing but the wind rustling. It's better when you're meditating outside, but most importantly where you feel comfortable and where you feel at peace. You can use nature sounds, only melody sounds. This helps your mind and body relax. If you have a favorite spot or place, you can go there to meditate. When meditating try not to think too much, just relax and focus on yourself. Try to remove all the stress, the pain and the negativity out of your head. Feel those things flow or fade away with the wind. Then start to put positivity in your mind. Set up your goals, things you want to focus on. See all those thing you want to accomplish in your thoughts. Think of every single positive thing you can. Do this often, to move forward, to delete negativity, to improve yourself. Remind yourself to do whatever it takes to reach your goals, but don't go to hard on yourself. Because you're just human, there is no need to rush. Every little step, is worth taking.
Morgan E.
Take help of a meditation music because at first its quite hard to meditate and sit quietly but music will help you to meditate properly at starting. After several day you can change habit of taking help of music to observing sounds around you like sounds of birds,trees,your breathing,etc.
Kylian O.
Hey there, to meditate more effectively there are some tips you can use :
1. Do it ona regular routine, that way your body is more comfortable to just sit and relax.
2. You dont need to have a tight position, just sit the way you feel comfortable.
3. Focus on your breathing and dont control your thoughts, let your mind be free.
Percy Q.
go somewhere quiet, play relaxing and meditative music, and find what poses and movements resonate with what you’re looking to accomplish. for instance, the lotus position, which is the representative pose most people know yoga to be as, helps your knees and legs
Percy Q.
I put on meditation music, but instead of the music going throuought the room, I put headphones on and it stays in my head