How much time should I spend on meditation?

Jamie U.
Try to as much as possible.. the same way that water purges the body, .. meditation purges the mind. It relieved stress and anxiety …
Ljubica O.
There is no bad meditation, and any time spent meditating is better than none. No matter how long you meditate for it will be beneficial
Mirko J.
I think the best time is 5-15 minutes but I believe that 5 minutes 2 times per day, one in the morning when you wake up and one before you sleep, is very helpful!
Nikita Y.
Starting out short meditations that last ~5 minutes (give or take) each day will help to form the habit. Once the habit is formed you can either continue the short meditations once a day, lengthen your sessions to 10 minutes (or whatever you're comfortable with), or do 2 meditation sessions per day (either the short meditations or around 10 minutes). After that you may want to lengthen the time again, but that is completely up to you. I personally do 2 meditations (one in the morning and one at night) each lasting between 5-30 minutes depending on the day.
Castelino Q.
According to research 10 mins is said to be the time that's meant to bring effective change in the physiology. But honestly 3 breathes with intention is better than a disengaged 3hr meditation. What I strive for is 3 breathes with intention and repeat for about 20 mins. There are so many ways to increase engagement, there are mantras, malas, yoga, active breath work. I guess the main idea is engaging with the practice.
Pat Z.
As I learned during yoga teacher training, ideally one should meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. That might sound overwhelming to start with but start slow. 5 Minutes each day and then when you feel comfortable with it add 5 Minutes. Do this until you reach 2 times 20 minutes.
Jhosie W.
I prefer having short mediation periods as I get distracted easily. Then, long periods of meditation are not a good fit for me.
Louise T.
i think 20 minutes is ideal. For me, I think that if the meditation is too short I don't get the time to concentrate as well.