Sometimes, when I have only 10 min. for a meditation in the morning and afterwards I need to leave to work, I feel it’s rather stressful to meditate. Should I persist with it or rather remove it from my morning routine?

Jonas X.
Yes, just do it…and don't get stressed. If the meditation takes 10 minutes and you still need more time before leaving. Make it only 5 minutes or Get up 5 mins earlier.
Luzie E.
It’s not only 10 minutes
It’s enough time transforms you
It can make your balance
It can make you what you wanna do
Even if you have only 5 minuets just do it
Aracema C.
Well, I'd say stick with it. At least for a few weeks. If it is still more a nuisance that beneficial, consider getting rid of it.
Liliane E.
You can meditate for 5 min. or you can use on Simple Habit app in section On the go section Commute and meditate while going to work. If you're in real hurry to go to work I would recommend Commuting meditation. You can chose walking, bus/train, car and waiting. Also, you can chose duration 5, 10 or 20 min. Depending on how much time you spend on commuting to or from work.
Jessica Q.
That depends on quite a lot.

So, you could focus on a longer term solution of adjusting your morning. Not removing it, just getting more morning. But that’s not practical for everyone, I fully realize.

You could migrate your morning meditation session to another part of the day. If you’re, say, meditating twice a day, you could try to make time during your afternoon routine. Or over lunch as a separate thing. Or twice in the evening, one to fully arrive at home and one as part of your evening ritual.

Another possibility yet is to just let it be frustrating. And learn from that frustration. Let the difficulty just … be. Try to make the most of the meditation, regardless, and treat it as practice. Not all times will be calm. Learning how to meditate amid anxiety might eventually lead to a more resilient calm. Or to other insights about yourself. You can view it as a work in progress. And perhaps later you will have more time.

I like to think of sometimes bending a habit to avoid breaking it, and maybe this is another path you can consider. Maybe changing the duration to just breathing for two minutes on days when you’re rushed would feel more luxurious and mindful than trying to cram in the ten minutes when exactly ten minutes is all you have and you meant to take twenty. Bending a habit to avoid breaking it, though, seems to work best when it’s handled like a real promissory note to yourself that you will keep. If you get in the kind of meta-habit or “compensating” yourself for the lost time meditating later on, and also restoring the full habit as soon as practical, then your meditation practice can be less a rushed chore and more… a practice. Something that can’t and won’t be perfect every day. But something you approach earnestly and trust yourself to continue earnestly.

Or, really, you can just delete it. You can use that as it’s own experiment, and observe the upsides and downsides of it. If you approach it non-judgementally with a trust in yourself that you will, if you decide to restore that habit, be able to — and if you need to take a break from that habit right now that you will — in fact — have done so based on the observation that that’s just what’s best for you at this time.

L Rke C.
I usually put a timer so I can feel safe to forget about my scheduling and feel free to enjoy the present moment.
After the timer goes off and I "return to reality" I realize I had forgotten about it completely and now any anxiety is gone. It feels much better to go to work afterwards since I can do everything in it's proper time without feeling anxious. I can actually get things done quicker because I'm doing it with enhanaced attention and calm.
Tristan Y.
I believe it’s best to do what you can in order to incorporate meditation in your routine because of all its proven benefits.
Benjamin Y.
I recommend waking up earlier to allow yourself the space for an unhurried session- this makes all the difference. It is something I’m still working on but when I’m able to wake up early enough (personally, before sunrise is ideal) to allow myself the space, quiet, and solitude for meditation and an unrushed morning, it makes *all* the difference and I’m always grateful that I did it. Just keep working on it! There is no hurry.
Frank Michael J.
I try to meditate, before getting out of bed, or after my first morning cuppa. That seems to work, before my mind get full of to do doings.
Georgia T.
Have you tried waking up earlier? We often think that we don’t have enough time but sometimes you have to make it by shifting your entire world around. What about leaving from social or evening plans 30 min earlier than usual, tucking in to bed 30 min earlier, then waking up 30 min earlier? This would give you time to meditate without a rush.

Don’t forget: you created your calendar, so it’s not that you “don’t have time” it’s that you haven’t chosen to make time

Isabella Y.
Maybe you can do a shorter mediation, wake up earlier or find a different time to mediate . I don’t think anyone should compromise being late for work or make the commute stressful so instead try to change one of the barriers you can control. Additionally , there are some guided meditations you can do during a commute
Andy W.
For me, meditation is what gets me through the rest of the day in peace and connection… It's the least negotiable thing on my list of priorities. So, getting up at a time that gives me plenty of time to do it is also at the top of my list. I agree that ten minutes is definitely not enough… But everything in life is a choice. What choices are you making with your time that leaves you only ten minutes?
Anat Lio Z.
My opinion, yes you should remove it from you morning routine, especially if it's stressful. Maybe try on your break do a quick one or put it into your evening routine. Meditation isn't meant to cause stress.
Ma Lle U.
I feel that if you are stressed you should meditate. For me meditation makes this feel less overwhelming. I find waking up just a little bit earlier to lay in bed and meditate helps. And it sets me up for the say. I no longer feel stressed if my inbox is full or that I have a meeting. My mind feels good so im able to cope better with my life rather than tell myself im a failure and im stupid.

Mediation helps you feel centered we are on here to build better habits and meditation is one of them 🙂

Livia C.
Hey, I cannot know for sure which one is the right answer for you. However I can give you my opinion from my past experiences. While trying to “squeeze” in a meditation might be stressful, try going with the flow. So if you can only spare 1 minute, meditate for that one min and vice versa. Another solution if you really wanted to get the whole 10 minutes in is to establish your long term priorities. Is learning how to handle thoughts more valuable in the long run than whatever it is you need to do? If so, then definitely do it. To me, meditation is truly one of the most natural medicines in the world that should be valued above many others, especially superficial needs and desires.
Nikolaj Z.
Wake up earlier to a time you feel is early enough that you easily have extra time for anything you like to do in the morning before you go out … make meditation one of these things
Carter S.
When you only have a short amount of time to meditate, you should just take a couple minutes to focus on your breathing. While taking deep breaths, reflect on yourself and make sure not to dwell on any one thought. Doing this should relax you and won’t take up a lot of time. If this doesn’t work, then I recommend adding meditation to your night routine instead of your morning routine. That way, you won’t feel any unnecessary stress.
Hailey J.
If it’s causing you stress and inconvenience, find another time. Meditating should be something you look forward to doing and enjoy – otherwise it’s pointless
Alice E.
I only usually do 10 mins each morning. Sometimes I only make it 5/8 mins. Taking some time to FEEL the alignment is the most necessary. And then appreciation to follow you can do that on the way to work.
Adiel G.
The idea behind meditation is to find relief, focus and awareness in the most stressful of situations. It is good you have such a setting. I understand that for a beginner it is tougher than meditating, let's say, at night before bed. But if you persist for a month atleast, you will find yourself being able to extend your threshold of handling pressure. But you need to give it a month atleast.
Jonathan X.
I am also struggling with this. I often have to make a balance with myself and say these 10 minutes are for me and they are important. I think it's a good idea to at least try to meditate even if it is just for a few minutes. Maybe even doing 5 minutes is better than nothing. I hope that this can help you!
Randall S.
Yes, meditation finds this way of syncing up with your needs and even in a busy time of day, you can learn to quiet your mind. Also, you can always try a better time
Of day.
Ricky T.
Same here . But please do persist.The benefit is simply stunning.and believe me i have first hand experience.Also,if you don't have 10 minutes,try the five minutes meditations.
Much love