What are solutions for a meditation pillow (or similar) that work in really, really tiny apartments?

Uwe Kehl
I use a collapsible, portable, and adjustable meditation bench called “Kindseat” (available online). It folds up into an easily-stowed package. Because it’s adjustable, I can use it for cross-legged seating or for kneeling.

Riley Diaz
It's not about the tools you use, it's about the meditation. Indian sainths used to do meditation inside caves, under trees, or sitting on top of tiger skin, but most of them were doing meditation by doing daily activities. So I advice to concentrate on meditation activity instead of tools. Have a Fabulous day.

Daniel Cunningham
A blanket, a bed, a chair, a yoga matt 🙂 you don’t need a special pillow to meditate on. The posture is important in meditation (check Dalai Lama’s information on meditation for details) but you can manage very well without a pillow.

Lydia Perkins
You can use a meditation 🧘‍♀️ pillow or you can use a yoga 🧘‍♀️ mat or a bolster which is kind of like a pillow but instead of the pillow being a circle ⭕️ it is a rectangle but it is a pillow. You can find it anywhere or you can find it on amazon.

Tracey Castillo
I've never used a meditation pillow. I prefer the floor, a chair, bed or yoga mat, but be creative. It's about letting go of your environment and not paying attention to your surroundings. I had a friend who used to sit in a closet, whatever works best for you.

Owen Fontai
Hi there 👋 Honestly to tell you the truth I usually just sit on my coach with my back straight relaxed against my coach but what would recommend, and I know this sounds silly, but maybe you could try a small circular dog bed(meant for a small breed of dog) my friend says they work great as a replacement! Maybe even a coach cushion I’ll have to try that out? But I’m sure if you really searched the web you could find a small one?I really hoped this helped! ☺️Hope you have/had a good morning, afternoon or day!🙂

Angelina Dupont
I bought a small cat bed for these two kittens just got. They don’t use it and it works great for meditating. It just happens to match the design of my area rug. That’s my meditation pillow. Pick one up at pet value.

Arif Reusch
All it takes is a tiny bit of space on a bed, couch, or corner to meditate. Although a pillow nook is sometimes preferred, it isn’t necessary to really meditate. The best pillow for a small apartment would be a flat circular pillow, almost like a small dog bed. Anything else might be too bulky, but this would provide support and simplicity in your meditation.

August Petersen
I meditate on a beanbag, it really helps me find a comfortable position quickly so that I don’t have to waste time finding one. You can get a small one and store it away in a cupboard, under your bed, or any space it will fit, so that you can pull it out whenever you need it.