What apps do you use to meditate?

Matthew Z.
I use Headspace, but mostly this one guided meditation by Alan Watts that was uploaded to YouTube.
It's all about finding the specific technique that works for you to get into that state of mind where your thoughts cease and you feel inner peace.
Explore different techniques from all over until you find one that works for you.
Rosemary P.
Headspace is my main – I like that it isn't explicitly spiritual, focusing instead on the aspects of meditation which are anchored in observing the body.
Remy F.
I look for Brian Weiss when I want to meditate but I’m looking one specific to help me sleep Well ( I’ve an insomnia for more than 20 years ) and to get peace of mind.
Elizabeth E.
I love Dauchsy meditation videos on YouTube. I listen to one every night as I go to sleep. I love how he starts out at a normal speaking volume and then his voice gets softer during the visualizations so as to not interfere with sleep. I have seen real changes in my sleep since starting this habit.
Rafael Z.
I use Insight Timer. There’s tons of great guided meditations on there for any mood or situation you’re going through. Plus a great little timer with different chimes. And there’s active community on there so never feel alone in meditating. Best of all, it’s free!