I’m good at doing my meditation habit everyday but would like to get in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning. I always seem to put it off until the afternoon. How do you make it an automatic part of your morning titual?

Stephanie A.
The night before, I make sure to put reminders EVERYWHERE! Then I make sure that whenever I see a reminder, I can keep it in my head until I see the next one. I also make sure I like the meditation so that I'm excited to do it. If I have too, I keep the reminders up for wewks and put on calm music. Hope this helps.
Uamdao A.
I think the main reason is that I realize it's impossible for me to do meditation during the day as the hectic schedule will take over. At the end of the day, I'm also too tired to be able to focus. So I just force myself to simply sit and close my eyes first thing. The rest becomes easier.
Lily N.
Try to be prepared, have your meditation clothes and mat nearby. In the morning be prepared to meditate. Then just do it
Sepehr X.
That's first thing on my mind when I wake up, I enjoy meditation so much that I don't let my ego to take it from me, I meditate early morning,noon and before going to bed.most enjoyable thing on my day is meditation.
Marla O.
Do it in bed. That’s how I get mine done first thing. Simply sit up drink your water, and get comfortable for your meditation. I also ordered my morning activities in my favour so meditation a second after drink water; it feels good to take off two things within 10 minutes of waking up
Carl O.
Right after my glass of water I sit in the living room before my brain starts to take off and meditate. Helps keep me focused on tasks for the day and gives me a second to wake up before exercising.
Chelsea E.
I tie it to something similar! For me I always meditate immediately after doing a yoga flow in the morning. Find something that you’re already doing in the morning and figure out how to associate what you’re already doing with meditation
Елена Соловьёва N.
Hi! Thank you for your question – hope that my thoughts would be helpful. I think it depends on the person’s day schedule. I know that I can spend some time for myself only at the morning, after 10 o’clock in the morning the work will start, so I have no choice actually)) I should complete my meditation and self-care routine at the morning right before the working day – and I can see the results – I start working with more enthusiasm, I’m more concentrated thanks for that. What can I advise more? To start practice meditation with friends, everyday the same time in the morning (it’s easy to do even online).
Lisa C.
I feel like this question came from me! I too am struggling with this. I'm playing with the idea of doing it before getting out of bed, so that it's one of the first things I do in the morning.
Lucas N.
I wake up, have a glass of water and then go straight to the chair to meditate. It has to be the first action of the day for me! You should do the same. Try not to do something before it.
Amanda T.
Trial and error, each morning I don’t meditate first thing I notice later in the day.
I have learned how it helps everything else flow in my day.