What type of meditation do you prefer? Why?

Marcus A.
Biblical Meditation. I calm myself and rather than empty my mind focus on a particular scripture and I reflect on it and how it relates to me
Cory P.
Meditation with soothing music and lasting long for at least 10 minutes. Focus on breathing. Scanning from head to toe with great concentration using guided voice throughout.
L Rke N.
In the mornings, I do love silent sitting meditations. If I need some guide I use Soulvana app to have a meditation session. At night, I find body scan meditation very relaxing before going to sleep.
Nicole A.
Mindfulness Meditation, at times using Guided Imagery or Body Scans. The focus, after suffering multiple concussions in 14 months, including two in falls in the past six weeks, is to focus on recuperation and rehab of the brain. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system helps the brain to heal. It also reduces anxiety, stress, distractions, and uses focus on the present with a peaceful mind. It has reduced stress and anxiety. I also use the "Calm" app for shorter meditation and the sleep readings to give me Fuller sleep. In Chicago there is a Mindfulness Meditation class of six weeks taught by Dr Chris Chroniak which also teaches mindfulness yoga. Just focus on your breath and say in, out as you inhale and exhale. Count to 3. Increase it to 5. Do it while walking. Feel the air around you, the earth beneath your feet, the comfort of padding on your chair, etc.
Vicki J.
Hello, I just sit for at least 10 minutes trying not to think just be. I guess It's close to Vipassana. Background music or guided meditation do not work for me so far.
Same Y.
Guided meditation. I use the Headspace app and I love that it progressively builds your skill through various workshops.